What To Watch…

A friend of mine told me to check out this makeup artist on YouTube and now I am absolutely obssessed with him! He has a ton of very informative videos and reviews available. When you get some free time please go check him out. He also appears to have give-aways going on often. Below is the video I was introduced to. Not only is his collection absolutely amazing but his storage solution is something that is completely drool worthy. If you want to go directly to his YouTube channel just click HERE


Butterfly Eyes


3 thoughts on “What To Watch…

  1. I just wrote something on my clear case for nail polish that I’m so happy with. This is taking it to a whole other level! These cases are AWESOME!

    • That’s great! I really want to try them out but I want to make sure I find some that are made of a great quality material. I’ve seen some really poor quality ones in my area so that turned me off completely. I’ll check your blog out to see what you had to say (if it’s posted on there that is) and hopefully find out where you got yours from! Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog!

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