Quick view & Color Swatches: BH Cosmetics Party Girl Limited Edition 40 Color Eye Shadow Palette

It’s time for another Quick View! Here are a few pictures of the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Limited Edition 40 Color Eye Shadow Palette! I will do a more detailed review on this at a later date.

For now I can say that overall this is a great palette for the price. There are always sales going on at BH Cosmetics so the price varies at any given time. As of 7/11/2012 the price is $14.36 (reg $17.95). The colors offer great pigmentation. Just from doing quick swatches it was easy to see that many of the shadows are equal to or better than some of the more expensive high-end options available on the market. For the most part the texture of these shadows is velvety soft and appear to be very easy to blend. The colors range from neutral to vibrant so the possible looks are virtually limitless!  There is a mix of matte and shimmer choices available. The pan sizes are smaller than some of the other palettes available from BH (for example, the 28 Color Palettes) but you still get a healthy amount of product, especially for the price. Just on initial swatch and looks I would recommend trying this product out, especially if you are just now entering the world of cosmetics or you want to have a lot of options without putting a serious dent in your wallet!

Pictures of Party Girl Palette taken with and without flash,

iPhone 4s 014iPhone 4s 015

Here are the color swatches of each row (one taken with flash and one without). Please note that the color swatches are in the opposite direction of how they are shown in the palette (The first color in the row of the palette is the last one shown on the far right in the swatches). For reference, please look at the picture of the open palette.

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