New Skin Care Series in the works!

I’ve decided to add a Skin Care series to my blog that will address products and skin care issues. It’s a work in progress but I hope that it will be beneficial!

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Thank you in advance!

2 thoughts on “New Skin Care Series in the works!

  1. Monica Johnson says:

    Oops. I should have checked your other categories. I see you’ve started a skin care line section. I guess I’m too distracted by the game. I don’t usually do other things when I’m watching the game.

    I’m currently using Shiseido products. I’m still searching for an eye product that really eliminates or significantly minimizes under eye dark circles. I’m on my third product for that issue.

    • I don’t really have any serious dark eye circle concerns that I’ve been addressing…I use under eye concealer when needed but otherwise I haven’t really tested a lot of eye products for that purpose. I have been using a Eye a and Lip Contour Cream by Embryolisse that I ended up getting from Johnny Lavoy while at The Makeup Show Orlando (it was given to him along with some other Embryolisse products, but he was running late for his flight out and told me I could have them lol). Even though it says it’s for mature skin I figured I would give the products he gave me a try (after all….the great Mr. Johnny Lavoy gave them to me. Of course I was going to use them! Lol). I think it actually has helped brighten my under eye area while making the skin look better.

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