Urban Decay Vintage Eye Shadow Sale + UD PRO discount = A Very Happy Girl!

Good morning everyone! I woke up early and decided to check the UD website…with the original intent to ONLY browse. Instead, I ended up ordering 10 Vintage eye shadows that were on sale for $9.00 (reg. $18). PLUS I got to use my 40% off UD Pro discount…so yes, I am a very happy makeup obsessed girl lol. If you’re in the need (or just want) some UD products you should head over to the website and check out the sale items. Although I only indulged in the shadows (and replenished my 24/7 eyeliners) there are other sale items including lipsticks, some palettes, etc. Even if you don’t have the Pro discount you will still see significant savings on those items. Plus, if you have been wanting some of the current shadow colors that were released in the new formulation (read my review!) you can save 50% and buy some of the same colors in the vintage shadows. The formula for the vintage shadows is still pretty amazing…and as some may have noticed or pointed out, the difference isn’t enough to make you replace old colors you already have. There are also several colors in the vintage collection that are not in the new formulation (which leads me to believe that they may be considered discontinued).

Happy shopping, ladies!

Do you have a favorite UD product? If so, feel free to share your picks in the comments. Also, please take a moment to like the Facebook page! It will be truly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Vintage Eye Shadow Sale + UD PRO discount = A Very Happy Girl!

  1. Sephora says:

    Are you able to use the pro discount on sale items as well?

    • On some sale items you are. I was able to use it on the vintage shadows when they first went on sale (at $9.00)…ended up paying about $5.40 per shadow. When they dropped down to $6.00 I couldn’t use it…they may be considered clearance at this point, which may be the reason.

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