Shu Uemura Orange and Pistachio Eye Palette: Color Swatches

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I finally got my hands on the Shu Uemura Orange & Pistachio Eye Palette from the Chocolat Donna Collection (unfortunately, the one I was supposed to receive earlier this month ordered from the Shu Uemura website never arrived). For now, I’ll post a few quick thoughts and color swatches. I’ll do a look soon and post it!

iPhone 4s 021iPhone 4s 022iPhone 4s 023

The palette comes with 6 shadows in an adorably small refillable chocolate brown compact. The size of it reminds me of the size of a chocolate candy bar. There is also a mirror at the top, but it does not make the palette bulky in any way. Each shadow is 1.0 grams and are small, rectangular shaped. I took one of the shadows out to compare to a MAC pro refill (which is the same as a de-potted MAC single shadow).

iPhone 4s 042iPhone 4s 045

MAC shadows are larger in volume (1.5 grams) and are round so based solely on that you get more for you money from MAC if you were purchasing these alone ($12 for MAC refill pans versus $15 for Shu Uemura). This is assuming that Shu Uemura single refill pans are the same size as those included in this palette…which may not be the case since normally, their refillable palettes can hold 4 shadows or a combination of either 2 shadows and a blusher or 2 blushers. At any rate, the price per shadow in this palette is actually much cheaper than it would be to fill it with individuals. At $65 for the palette, the cost per shadow comes out to approximately $10.83 (if you were to fill one with singles it would cost you $90 for 6 shadows and $14 for an empty palette). Now that I’ve bored you with the numbers let’s move on!

Shu Uemura tends to name their colors more so by numbers rather than catchy names which may be annoying when trying to dupe or replace shadows you already have but it appears that they are known for their simplistic approach. On the packaging, the colors are referred to as 01,02,03,04,05, & 06 with 01 being the Orange colored shadow. On the website the colors are named as:

sparkling copper (g Copper 261)
pearl pistachio green (no single refill match)
pearl cream beige (no single match maybe p Soft Beige 823)
pearl light reddish plum (no single refill match)
matte earth brown (no single refill match)
creamy dark brown (no single refill match maybe p Dark Brown 861)

As it appears, trying to dupe this palette by purchasing the colors as singles is pretty difficult as there is only one actual match available.

The quality of these shadows are amazing based on first impression testing. After doing my color swatches I noticed that for the most part these shadows are buttery soft and extremely blend-able. It only takes a little product to get great payoff, which may make it easier to forgive the smaller shadow sizes. The only exception to this would be the 01/Sparkling Copper shadow. It is a glitter shadow (hence the “g” in the refill name), but unlike most other glitter based shadows I have used it is very soft and blends well. Of course, with glitter there will be fallout, but Shu Uemura appears to have less fallout than others. Also, despite having a lot of glitter it also has great pigmentation for a glitter shadow that is buildable. This will be a plus for people that tend to stay away from glitter shadows due to the fallout they usually experience. It definitely makes me interested in trying out all of the other glitter shadows that Shu Uemura has to offer. I also need to mention that the gold swirls you notice on shadows 04 and 05 are simply decoration. Once you start using the shadow you will see that the swirls are easy to wipe off (somewhat of a disappointment since they are so pretty!).

For first impressions, I give this palette and A-. They lose points on the smaller than expected product volume per pan and what appears to be an inability to replace each color in the future if needed (but this is expected when you get any limited edition products). Price wise, even in it’s value compared to purchasing individual shadows and an empty palette this would be an expensive purchase compared to other palette’s available on the market with similar quality shadows. But you tend to let that slide once you actually experience how amazing these shadows appear to be. For some more than others, another negative may be the ease of purchasing any Shu Uemura products. Unfortunately, they no longer sale in any retail locations in the USA so customers would be limited solely to online ordering without being able to view any of the products in person. This may be a major turnoff to some buyer that prefer being able to see products before committing to spending their money. This coupled with the price range may completely sway US buyers to more accessible brands. Overall, I would definitely recommend this palette if you have the extra money to spend and want something that has an interesting mix of colors that at first glance may seem odd, but are actually very pretty and provide a rather neutral look with a pop of color! Take a look at the color swatches and keep your eyes open for my looks post that will be coming soon!

*without flash

iPhone 4s 032iPhone 4s 034iPhone 4s 046

*with flash

iPhone 4s 033

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