MAC Pressed Pigments: Quick View

As the title implies, this is just a (somewhat) quick view on the MAC pressed pigments that were released as part of the Face & Body collection. Stay tuned for swatches and a more detailed review in the near future!

I passed on these initially when the MUA @ MAC begged me to let her play with them on me on launch day. I figured no harm, no foul…so I let her have fun with all of the Office and F&B products. While she was applying other products I swatched 2 of the pigments on my hand and fell in love…the swatches were gorgeous! When she got around to playing with these on me she decided to use them as eye shadows…and this is where the love affair fell apart.

While in theory these should make an amazingly interesting neutral look (which it does to some degree) what actually happens is an amazingly glittery disaster area that travels from the spot of application to, well…EVERYWHERE! Before it was all said and done, I had glitter in my hair, all over my face, on my shirt, on my chest, on my arms….and most disturbingly, in my eyes! This was NOT due to messy application. It was due to fall out that occurs during and long after applying. The gritty annoyance I felt in my eyes (I am a contact lens wearer) was enough for me to decline that day on adding these to my collection. The look she created was pretty BUT a bit too sparkly for my taste (unless I was doing it for a special occasion or a night out. But since it wasn’t even lunch time yet I felt more silly than anything).

After leaving with the items I did decide to add to my collection (MAC sculpting cream, the limited edition 163 brush,  Face & Body foundation, and a pro lip glass from the Office collection) I went home, with the two pigments still swatched on my hand. I was still enthralled with how much I loved the colors on my skin…just not the crazy fallout that occurred. It ate at me all day until I started thinking of other ways they might work for me other than anywhere near my eyes. Since it had managed to travel to my hair I thought that one option was intentionally applying it there (for looks during the holidays perhaps). Other options I considered were using it to dust over my arms and chest when going out, perhaps on my cheeks, etc. Let’s just say this was my way to justify going back to get them since in my area, if you wait too long on limited edition products you will miss out in a hurry. It was why I splurged on the 163 brush after the MUA mentioned she was dying to use it on me but they were only sent 3 (yes! THREE!) so they couldn’t use one for demo purposes.

After going back and picking up Deeply Dashing and Light Touch I did a few test runs with my theories. I’ll do a more detailed review later, but overall I realized that I should have stuck with my original decision to skip these. I can honestly say I think this is the first time that I have been completely disappointed by MAC. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been the happiest with their decline in eye shadows as of late (although I would never say that they are terrible or the worst out there…they just haven’t been up to the old MAC standards that made me and millions of others fall in love with them) and their lackluster collections, but this has been the first time that I have contemplated moving completely away from using their products. This isn’t solely because of the major disappointment in the pressed pigments. This disappointment was more of the exclamation point. I am hopeful that MAC will come out with something that absolutely amazes me and reminds me of why I loved the brand in the first place, but right now it’s starting to feel like a relationship that has ran far past it’s course…and I’ve just been too afraid to completely let go. A bit dramatic I know, but any beauty addict out there can likely relate lol.

Have you tried the pressed pigments? Share your thoughts, ideas, or tips on how you make these work for you!


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