Urban Decay The Vice Palette: Color Swatches & Review

If you aren’t already aware of this recently released palette, read the breakdown Urban Decay: The Vice Palette.

First things first, let’s talk about the packaging. UD fans that haven’t been exactly thrilled with past palette collections may be a bit more happy with this one. The Vice palette packaging is a soft touch (think smooth and satin feel), plastic casing with a “UD” clear jeweled logo on the lid. What may really be the more thrilling part is the opening mechanism. Instead of having a magnetic closure or a pry open/pull apart system, The Vice has a push button on the bottom half of the case . With just a simple push the palette pops open and then proceeds to open all the way on it’s on. Well, it doesn’t open flat thankfully. It opens with the top portion stopping at an angle. This is great because a full sized mirror is located in the top portion of the lid, so you don’t have to worry about trying to prop the lid against something if you want to go for hands free use. There is also a slot inside for the included Good Karma brush, which is not a new feature but something worth mentioning. The shadows are placed in groups of 4 (going down) with 5 shadows in each row (going across). As mentioned, there is a full-sized mirror that takes up the entire top portion of the lid  with exception of a thin area were the closure is located. Overall, the packaging feels very sturdy. It is not as thin as a MAC palette or BH Cosmetics palette would be, but it is not extremely chunky.


This palette has a nice mix of shimmer, matte, sparkle, and satin finishes ranging from neutral to eye popping colors. You can easily create every day looks as well as daring night-on-the-town looks, which is perfect for a girl on a budget or a traveler. A few of the glitter shadows have some fallout but nothing too serious. The mattes are smooth and easy to spread without being powdery or dry. The shimmers give a nice amount of sparkle without being over the top.  Some of the colors are similar to others already in the UD collection, but differ enough that you can justify adding this palette. Out of all of the most recent UD palette releases I would definitely recommend this one as it is more versatile.



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