Your Thoughts: Holiday Makeup Collections

Every year, makeup companies flood the market with various limited edition holiday collections.  Vote in the poll and share your thoughts on holiday collections. What you love (or hate) about them and what brand(s) do you think manage to get it right every year.


Quick View: E.L.F. Shine Erase 3 Piece Oil Blotting Sheets


Those of us out there that suffer from varying ranges of oily skin are probably well acquainted with one of the most well known oil fighting tools…the blotting sheet. When I caught sight of the E.L.F brand version I decided to give it a try.


This set comes with three 50 sheet packs: Clarifying Tea Tree, Rejuvenating Green Tea, and Soothing Aloe. At just $3.00 it’s quite the steal. Competitors in the same retailer ranged from $4.99-7.99 for less sheets. They claim to “instantly absorb oil, minimize pores, and mattify shiny skin”. I can’t speak on the pore minimizing claim (I honestly didn’t notice this nor do I have a pore issue that I actually monitor), but I wouldn’t hold my breath on any such claim from any blotting sheet. Otherwise, it does do as it advertises.



The sheets work as expected and does the job as well as any budget priced blotting sheet does, which is a huge plus at such a great price. The negative is that the sheets are small (a little smaller than the Neutrogena brand blotting sheets) so those with really oily skin may need several sheets to achieve the blotting that they need. Good thing you get a total of 150 sheets to work with!

Overall, these are a great deal and definitely worth spending just $3 for. Don’t expect the same quality as you would with higher brand blotting sheets (I’m talking about those $20 variety).

The Makeover!

Some of you out there may already know about the great website If not, this would be a perfect time to check them out. Influenster is an amazing community for trendsetters  (which I know all of you are!) that love to share their experiences and dish on products that they have tried. To help you continue your love of sharing the good, bad, and honest truth about products Influenster connects brands and people just like you! Not to sound like I own stock in the site (trust me, I don’t), but it is truly a fun and interesting way to continue to do what you already do every day…influence others that recognize you as the trendsetter that you already are!

Want to know the ends and outs of how this site works? Just click this link: All About Influenster! You choose how little or how much you want to be involved.  Like I said, it’s just a fun and interesting way to continue doing what you already enjoy doing…sharing your opinions and helping influence the next great trend!

***DISCLAIMER: This website quick view was not a paid endorsement. I did not write this to encourage you to become a member. I personally am a member and enjoy the community. These are the opinions of my own and are not influenced by any out side source***

Product Review: Clarisonic Acne Clarifying System

First, let’s get the most important info out of the way! I know there are a ton of reviews on the Clarisonic system so I advise that you read up on several others to help with your decision. As always, check with your dermatologist before making any changes to your acne care regimen if you are using any prescriptions.

I personally have been dealing with adult acne for the last few years. Previously, I have never had any skin issues (including the usual teen acne that others have gone through) so when my acne issues began I was unprepared for the frustrations that came along with it. For awhile, my acne was under control with the acne medication Epiduo (which I may post a review on later). But after having to be off of the medication for several months and using only OTC Acne care products (again, I may post additional reviews on some of those. I have already done one on the Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Wash) I began to have the most painful and visually obvious acne issues that I had ever experienced. Once I began using the Epiduo again I was able to clear up the worst of the acne, but there was still some stubborn acne flare-ups that I could not seem to fight off. After several months of research and contemplation I decided to give the Clarisonic Acne Clarifying system.

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Just a Little Butterfly News…

I am proud to announce that the Butterfly Eyes blog is now iFabbo endorsed! Have no clue what this means? Check out


It may seem like a small accomplishment, but it is one that I am proud of! Thank you to all of our readers as well as our followers on Twitter and our Face Book fans!

Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale Is On!!!

friends and family sale

In case you didn’t know it, the Urban Decay Friends and Family sale has begun (as of 12:01 am EST). It runs until October 13th and saves you 20% on everything, including sale items. If you’ve been eyeing some of the Holiday Collection products or even the sale on the vintage eye shadows (remember, once they are sold out they are gone!) then this may be the time to stock up and save 20%!

Use code FFHOLIDAY12 at checkout

Are you planning on taking advantage of this sale? Share in the comments below!