Product Review: Clarisonic Acne Clarifying System

First, let’s get the most important info out of the way! I know there are a ton of reviews on the Clarisonic system so I advise that you read up on several others to help with your decision. As always, check with your dermatologist before making any changes to your acne care regimen if you are using any prescriptions.

I personally have been dealing with adult acne for the last few years. Previously, I have never had any skin issues (including the usual teen acne that others have gone through) so when my acne issues began I was unprepared for the frustrations that came along with it. For awhile, my acne was under control with the acne medication Epiduo (which I may post a review on later). But after having to be off of the medication for several months and using only OTC Acne care products (again, I may post additional reviews on some of those. I have already done one on the Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Wash) I began to have the most painful and visually obvious acne issues that I had ever experienced. Once I began using the Epiduo again I was able to clear up the worst of the acne, but there was still some stubborn acne flare-ups that I could not seem to fight off. After several months of research and contemplation I decided to give the Clarisonic Acne Clarifying system.

The first thing I would like to point out is the amazing trial period that you get with Clarisonic systems. You have 90 days to try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, you can return it for a full refund! You don’t get this type of a return policy often so this was a huge selling point for me. The price may be a turn off for many without knowing the product will work for you (and we all know that with skincare, results may take several weeks) so knowing that you can really give this device a true test without fear of having to commit to it before you really know it’s value is great.

Because there is abundant info out there about the technology and the differences in the various systems Clarisonic offers I won’t bore you with that part. If you’re interested in reading more about the product please visit the Butterfly Eyes Facebook page and follow the link to the Clarisonic website.

A few notes of caution when using the Clarisonic Acne system:

  • If you are using a topical medication or a medicated face cleanser I recommend that you continue to use your normal cleanser and NOT the one included with the system. It may cause further irritation.
  • Avoid sensitive areas (under the eyes, eye lids, corners of the mouth) as they may become dry and/or irritated.
  • Ease in to daily use. You may find that you do better using it only once a day (or only ever other day) to begin with so your skin can get used to it. The instructions say that it is safe for use twice a day, but I think this may be too much for most people. Especially in the beginning.
  • Expect some variance of purging (when breakouts seem to get worse before they get better). You need to battle through this time period for at least 3-4 weeks before you can really tell if things will work out for you. Some people will experience a very short purging period (1-2 weeks or less). Others may see longer or more prominent purging. This will depend on your skin and how much acne and bacteria you have under the skin surface that is being drawn out. I know it can be annoying but you really need to try to stick through it. Of course, if you experience extreme irritation contact your dermatologist immediately to make sure continued use is recommended.

Now, my personal experience has been far better than I expected. At the beginning I was nervous that my skin would react horribly. I did go through some purging but it was far milder than I expected. I attribute that to the Epiduo doing most of the hard work. I did learn that I do better when I use the brush at night only. I also do well skipping a night and using it every other night, but on days that I use foundation I make sure I use it at night to guarantee a deep cleansing. After about 3 months of use I very rarely have any true breakout issues. I may at most have 1-2 pimples or very tiny skin rises that are mostly related to hormonal changes around “that time of the month”. Otherwise, my skin has not been this clear since my acne issues first began.

With every product there are pros AND cons. The cons I have noticed are:

  • The brush head needs to be replaced every 3-4 months and can feel like a costly expense at $25 for one head ($40 for a 2 pack).
  • Charge time isn’t very quick so if you forget to recharge before a big trip you may not have it fully charged in time. Luckily, the pro to it’s battery life is about 3.5 weeks with once a night use for me so unless it just so happens to be time to recharge on the day I’m leaving this isn’t an issue.
  • The travel case they give you for protection feels cheap. It does the job but it’s questionable how long it will hold up. Not a deal breaker but it’s something to be aware of.
  • If you’re not careful, you can find that using it in certain areas of your face may cause dryness or irritation. For me, under the eyes is an issue. The size of the brush head makes it a little tricky to avoid any of that area when trying to use it on the side of the nose, but it’s not impossible. It’s just something that I have to actively pay attention to

Otherwise, I have nothing but glowing reviews for this product and would recommend that anyone with acne issues give it a try. Also, if you are considering this system I would definitely think about ordering it directly from Clarisonic. They often  have extra perks (such as giving a free additional brush head with order) that may make ordering for them a more cost effective decision.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them below in the comments. If you currently use or have used the Clarisonic system in the past please share your experience…good AND bad!

One thought on “Product Review: Clarisonic Acne Clarifying System

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