Quick View: E.L.F. Shine Erase 3 Piece Oil Blotting Sheets


Those of us out there that suffer from varying ranges of oily skin are probably well acquainted with one of the most well known oil fighting tools…the blotting sheet. When I caught sight of the E.L.F brand version I decided to give it a try.


This set comes with three 50 sheet packs: Clarifying Tea Tree, Rejuvenating Green Tea, and Soothing Aloe. At just $3.00 it’s quite the steal. Competitors in the same retailer ranged from $4.99-7.99 for less sheets. They claim to “instantly absorb oil, minimize pores, and mattify shiny skin”. I can’t speak on the pore minimizing claim (I honestly didn’t notice this nor do I have a pore issue that I actually monitor), but I wouldn’t hold my breath on any such claim from any blotting sheet. Otherwise, it does do as it advertises.



The sheets work as expected and does the job as well as any budget priced blotting sheet does, which is a huge plus at such a great price. The negative is that the sheets are small (a little smaller than the Neutrogena brand blotting sheets) so those with really oily skin may need several sheets to achieve the blotting that they need. Good thing you get a total of 150 sheets to work with!

Overall, these are a great deal and definitely worth spending just $3 for. Don’t expect the same quality as you would with higher brand blotting sheets (I’m talking about those $20 variety).


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