Quick View: DuWop Cosmetics Caribbean IcedTeas


Caribbean IcedTeas aren’t new (they first came out in 2009) but new flavors were introduced earlier this year. In case you’ve never heard of these, they are a translucent lip treatment (think lip balm) with a slight hint of color. They come in various Caribbean themed flavors. They have moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil, aloe, and green tea extract that are intended to leave lips feeling refreshed and moisturized.

The one that I used religiously throughout the summer was the White Peach. Other options are:

Mint Mojito, Butter Rum, Ruby Grapefruit, Passion fruit, Strawberry Kiwi, and Black Current.  

If you’re not a fan of flavored lip balm then this may not be for you. If used alone, the flavor you use will be noticeable (and for some, may encourage lip licking), but the flavor doesn’t last long. The same can be said for the scent. The balm applies to your lips smoothly with no tug and seems to immediately soften your lips. There is a slight tingle that can be described as cooling (likely the green tea extract doing it’s job), but it is not uncomfortable  or long lasting. Since all of these look like a translucent jelly it’s easy to say that the color is almost invisible on the lips (the exception being the Black Current one, which has a sheer but more noticeable hint of color).

I have noticed that when worn alone I reapply this more often than expected. This is a personal preference (I like the just applied slip feeling) and has nothing to do with the product disappearing. It is moisturizing and after a few days you do notice a difference in your lips even if you skip it for a day or so. Your lips will have a slight shine but they won’t look greasy or waxen.

The only negative to this may be the price point. It is normally $19, which makes it a pricey lip balm, but you can often find it on sale (at the time of this review being written, it could be purchased for about $13 on the DuWop website). Otherwise, it’s a pretty great lip balm to try out. With so many lip balm products on the market, this one is definitely not a must have….but it’s a nice thing to try if you have the extra cash and enjoy the concept.


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