Product Full Review: Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

This is a “Preview” due to my testing being in the infancy stage. Full test results won’t be known until after 20 days of use, at which time I will provide a more detailed review. The following info is based on product info and the first use of treatment. The product in this preview was provided by Influenster for testing and review consideration. I have not and will not be compensated for providing a review on this product and my personal opinion has not been influenced by any outside source.


I have always been slightly curious about the effectiveness of at-home whitening products and their true results, but other than trying one whitening strip years ago and using my toothpaste that boasts of it whitening capabilities I haven’t bothered to really find out. So I was truly excited to receive my first Influenster VBox, which just happened to feature the Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects kit. The catchphrase they use  is “If You’re Not Whitening, You’re Yellowing.”

The Crest 3D White Whitestrips kit comes with 20 whitening treatments (1 upper strip and 1 lower strip) and claims to give professional level whitening in just 20 days (with another claim that you’ll start seeing results in just 3 days) with 30 minutes a day use. It also has Advanced Seal technology, which claims to allow the strip to adhere to your teeth with no-slip and boasts that you can drink water while  wearing them. This intrigued me since when I tried one whitening strip years ago my main issue was how messy and awkward it was to use. The strip didn’t stay in place at all, I had to keep my mouth pretty much motionless to keep it on even the little bit that it was…overall, the process was just too inconvenient to want to repeat.

After reading through the instructions and doing a quick review check on others experience while using these strips I set out to start my first treatment. I was a little apprehensive after reading many accounts of tooth sensitivity and in some cases, pain but I decided I wanted to go ahead and start testing. As advised, I first applied the lower strip, which wasn’t difficult at all. What I did notice is that the lower strip is a lot shorter than the upper one so if you are expecting to whiten all of your teeth you may be disappointed. It does however cover all of the teeth that would be seen in a normal smile so it’s not something to really be concerned about. Right away, I could tell that this strip was far more superior than the one I tried years ago. The grip was amazing once properly secured. When applying the upper strip I did notice that it fit a little awkwardly on the ends, but that may just be an issue related to my own teeth. Otherwise, it fit perfectly.

After a few minutes of having it in I felt more comfortable with the idea that I didn’t have to keep my mouth motionless. The strips were in place nice and snug so I was able to talk and yes, drink a little water with ease. I paid close attention to how my teeth and gums felt during the process because I wanted to make sure I didn’t experience any discomfort, pain, or sensitivity. At most, I felt a slight tingle which I assume may have just been the Hydrogen Peroxide doing it’s job. The 30 minutes flew by quickly and it was time for removal. I began removing the bottom strip first and was again reminded of the Advanced Seal and it’s abilities. It was a little difficult to remove the strip at first due to it’s strong grip. but following the directions mentioned if this should occur I was able to remove the strip with no pain or discomfort. I followed the same process with the upper strip with the same result. Although the directions made no mention of this, I did gently brush my teeth after removal to rid my mouth of the slight peroxide taste I had detected. Again, I noticed no tooth or gum sensitivity or discomfort. I will note that it does advise you not to brush prior to applying strips so this isn’t something you will want to do during your morning routine unless you do it before brushing.

My immediate results? I noticed immediately that these strips were already working. I could see a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth so I’m already impressed. For now, my only concerns are any future sensitivity while going through the remainder of the treatments and being able to consistently dedicate 30 minutes every day for completion.

A little FYI on the cost of this kit…checking my Target App on my phone I saw that the retail price is $49.99. Prices may vary but after searching the internet I found that this seems to be the price pretty much everywhere. This may be a deal breaker for some customers since it is a bit pricey for an at home treatment. I have noticed in the past that Crest often provides coupons for their kits so you may want to keep an eye out for those. Also, check for specials or online only retailers like Amazon…you can often find better prices. You can also check your local drugstore chains to see if they have any deals going on, especially those that offer rewards programs.

Check back in 20 days to find out my final thoughts! For info about this kit and other 3D White products visit the Crest 3D White website!


I completed my kit on Thanksgiving Day, but with the holiday madness I didn’t get a chance to update until now!

What can I say that I haven’t already said? My experience continued to be pain-free and easy and my end results were amazing! These strips truly whitened my smile in a noticeable manner. By then end of my kit use I had more than a dozen people compliment me on my teeth that were not aware of my using this product…and at least 4 of them have told me they went out and purchased the kit to try themselves!

One thing I did notice was that after day 12 my teeth seemed to have reached their maximum whitening. I did not notice any additional whitening occurring after this despite finishing the box. This may be normal as I imagine if my teeth got any whiter it might have appeared cartoonish which is definitely not a  look I would have wanted! Overall, I was extremely thrilled with this experience and will gladly use it again when the time comes.

I would strongly urge you to create a routine that will help you remember to do your strips daily. I used my strips every night during my down time so it became a part of my routine (wash face, shower, catch up on personal emails, etc). This made it easy for me to remember to do them and made the 30 minute wait time seem to fly by.

If you are concerned about sensitivity or are wanting a method that is quicker than 20 days to complete, there are other options available to you with Crest’s various Whitestrips kits. Check their website for more information to help you find what’s best for you!

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