Product QuickView: OCC Pro’s Pick Lip Tar Set

OCC Lip Tar isn’t a new product…it’s actually been around since 2009 (I believe) and is a fave of MUA’s, makeup enthusiasts, and has a cult following in the drag queen world (notably loved by the late Sahara Davenport). It has recently become a bit more accessible to those of us not located in the NYC area now that is also available in Sephora stores. But there are still a lot of ladies that aren’t quite sure what Lip Tars are or how to use them. So here’s a little info before I focus on the Pro Pick’s Lip Tar set!

OCC Lip Tar is a highly pigmented liquid lipstick that has long wear quality without the usual drying effect. It is so pigmented that it literally only takes a tiny bit (about the size of a pin head) to achieve full coverage on your lips! It is also great for mixing to create your own custom colors, but there are many colors offered that are ready-to-wear. The ability to mix is one of the reasons MUA’s love having these in their kits. OCC is a 100% vegan & cruelty-free brand that pledges to never use animal-derived ingredients in their products, which has also a positive for consumers interested in brands that follow this philosophy.

OCC Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set

The Pro Pick’s Lip Tar set is a Sephora exclusive that is available via and in their stores. It can also be picked up via (it will still be shipped from Sephora, but it gives another purchasing channel option for those that wish to use Amazon payment methods). This set retails for $49 US and contains 4 full sized lip tars and a full sized lip brush. With Lip Tars retailing for $16 individually, this set is a great deal at $9.80 per lip tar (even less if you factor in the lip brush, which is $18 on…about $6.20 per lip tar). The colors included are Pretty Boy (Super-rich Fuchsia), Stalker (True Pin-Up Blue-Red), Vintage (Deep Burgundy), Grandma (Clean Classic Coral), & Mélange (Terracotta Neutral).


From L to R: Pretty Boy, Vintage, Stalker, Grandma, & Mélange

This set has sold out a few times on the Sephora website so you have to keep checking if it’s sold out when you’re ready to purchase. It is my understanding that it is limited edition (although each color can be purchased individually) so I’m not sure how long it will be available. Unfortunately, the OCC website does not currently offer a lip tar set at this time, but if you are eligible for their Pro Discount Program you can get 20% off of lip  tars and most other products. You can also check for any lip tar sets they may have (they currently offer a Neutral set for $49.50 with 5 lip tars and a brush but the lip tar colors are different with the exception of Mélange. They also have a Spring Color set that offers 4 lip tars, a loose color pigment, and a brush for $59.50). If you are new to lip tars and know that you want to try  more than one color I would highly recommend getting this set due to it’s value per dollar and the wear-ability of the color selection.

Head over to the OCC website to see the wide range of colors available (plus some of their newer lip tars that are not available anywhere else yet).

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