Product Review: OCC Lip Tars

I originally posted a QuickView on the OCC Pro’s Picks lip tar set so if you are new to this product you might want to check out that post for a little background info.

This particular review will focus on wear and usability. iPhone 5 011

The above photo shows the 5 colors from the Pro’s Picks set  applied to lips. Each one of these applications only took a tiny bit of product for the coverage seen (1 drop, about the size of a pin head), although in a couple of the cases I may have added a second layer that used less than the original drop. This was not necessary but can be done if you want a bit more of a glossy look versus the more semi-matte (I use “glossy” with hesitation because it still does not fall into a traditional gloss). Application was done with the provided lip brush. I used a clear lip pencil (Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil in Ozone) to outline the lip and help prevent any bleeding or feathering outside of the lip area. I also pre-primed my lips with a moisturizing lip balm about 15 minutes prior to applying the lip tars to ensure my lips were smooth and well hydrated.

For my 1st wear time test I wore Grandma for the day. I was able to get 5.5 hours of wear time with no sign of fading, even after several drinks and eating lunch. I noticed some slight fading by hour 6, but it was not unflattering. There was no feathering or bleeding (which may be attributed to my use of a clear lip liner, but was definitely because of my accurate amount of product used versus applying too much). I finally removed the lip tar after about 7.5 hours. It did not have an unflattering appearance but the fading was a bit more noticeable. Removal was not difficult (I did however use my Shu Uemura cleansing oil sample that I have been testing out since I was removing all of my makeup). There was the slightest hint of a stain after removal but nothing like a traditional stained lip would be. As a not, I did notice that you are more apt to notice staining with the darker red colors, which is normal much like with an other true red lipstick.

For my second testing I used a mix I created using Grandma, Mélange, and a tiny speck of Vintage. Mixing is one of the fun aspects of this product and is probably one of the most versatile positives that so many MUA’s love about it. You can definitely get far more creative than I did when mixing, but I was testing this on a day that I had errands to run so I kept it safe. I intentionally applied this with only one layer spread thinly. I did not apply a balm to my lips, not did I use the clear lip liner. I took a photo 1 hour after applying (and after eating Chick-Fil-A nuggets and drinking a Coke) and another one 4.5 hours later (during which time I had drank a couple of bottles of water and snacked on a granola bar).


Overall, the lip tars definitely passed my wear test. Although these lip tars are not exactly hydrating they are not drying either. I definitely recommend using a lip balm prior to applying if you tend to experience any lip drying. If you don’t use too much product you  can skip the clear liner, but I prefer to use it.

As a bonus, since I didn’t show this in the previous post I will share a photo of the single tube I had purchased on this order, which was the color Nylon. For comparison, I pared it with a picture of Pretty Boy so you can see the difference in brightness between the two.

photo (2)

4 thoughts on “Product Review: OCC Lip Tars

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  2. BeautySpazz says:

    Ha, Grandma looks SCARY on me, which is a shame because it’s such a nice coral! My skin color makes it look really orange. I bought a bunch of samples from this girl on eBay and I love them. (

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