Quickview: bareMinerals Night Vision Eye Liner Set & A Vision In Velvet Eye Shadow Set (Swatches included)


I had initially vowed that I did NOT need any more eye products and had done a pretty good job not purchasing any more…until I saw these sets in person!

The bareMinerals Night Vision eye liner set ($29) comes with 1 full sized liner, 4 mini liners, and a sharpener. All are waterproof. The colors are:

Midnight – black (called “blackout” on the website)

11 pm – dark charcoal

4 am – blue teal

5 am – metallic champagne

6 am – royal purple

I initially went to the store searching for the 5 am pencil only after seeing a swatch of it on Temptalia. At the time, I wasn’t aware that the pencil was only available in a set and was not available in a full size. So I had to seriously consider if I wanted to purchase the set or just pass on it. Of course, I opted to get the set.

iPhone 5 042a

When doing the swatches I immediately noticed that these liners are perhaps the softest and creamiest I have ever used. The closest caparison would be Urban Decay’s Perversion 24/7 liner pencil, which is the softest of all of their pencils I have ever used. If you aren’t careful applying liners this soft can end in disaster. You have to use a light hand to avoid too much color applying or causing small pieces to break off (clumps). Otherwise, butter-like formulas like this are the most gentle to the delicate skin around the eyes and are a dream to work with (in my opinion) yet a nightmare to sharpen. I recommend using the Urban Decay Grindhouse sharpener versus the one that comes in the kit as it seems to handle the formula better. You can also temporarily harden the pencils for sharpening by placing them in the freezer for a few minutes.

The most difficult to describe color in this set is 5 am. It is listed as a metallic champagne but sometimes it has a pewter-like coloring. This color intrigued me and as I mentioned, was the sole reason I purchased this set. It is the most unique color in the set.

I came across the Vision In Velvet eye shadow set ($79) while browsing in Ulta and initially left it. My current desire is to find a beautiful emerald green shadow so this set didn’t really grab my attention. Also, I had never used bareMinerals shadows before so I didn’t want to invest in so many colors without knowing if I would like the formula. That night, I came home and did a little internet research on the set and viewed a few color swatches. By the next morning I had decided that I should get the set after all. Luckily, there were still a few boxes left on the shelf but by the time I got to the front of the checkout line all of them were gone! I assume many were using their 20% off Ulta coupon to make this set an even better deal (I definitely did).

This set comes with 20 loose shadows (10 matte/velvet and 10 satin). They are not full-sized but there is still a healthy amount of product provided. The colors are:

  • Velvet Blueberry Eyecolor (creamy navy)
  • Velvet Violet Eyecolor (plush lilac)
  • Velvet Pistachio Eyecolor (crushed mint)
  • Velvet Vanilla Eyecolor (warm ivory)
  • Velvet Strawberry Eyecolor (soft wine)
  • Velvet Mauve Eyecolor (matte mauve)
  • Velvet Green Eyecolor (matte green)
  • Velvet Charcoal Eyecolor (matte charcoal)
  • Velvet Espresso Eyecolor (matte espresso brown)
  • Velvet Taupe Eyecolor (matte taupe)
  • Satin Sterling Eyecolor (satin silver)
  • Satin Lilac Eyecolor (satin lilac)
  • Satin Nude Eyecolor (satin nude)
  • Satin Plum Eyecolor (satin plum)
  • Satin Mist Eyecolor (satin mist)
  • Satin Rose Eyecolor (satin rose)
  • Satin Sage Eyecolor (satin sage)
  • Satin Gold Eyecolor (satin gold)
  • Satin Caramel Eyecolor (satin caramel)
  • Satin Peach Eyecolor (satin peach)

When swatching these I noticed that the shadows are soft and finely milled, which is great. The pigmentation is good and the color range is a good mix of neutrals and a few muted pops of color.  There are no strong, stand-out colors but the colors aren’t bland. You can definitely create a range of looks with this collection. The mattes aren’t dry and powdery like some matte shadows tend to be, but they are definitely matte. The satins have sheen without glitter, which is something I’m sure many will be happy to see. This is a set that anyone can use with confidence and not feel like they are wearing makeup that is geared more towards teens or grandmothers.

iPhone 5 044a

Velvet colors: Vanilla, Blueberry, Mauve, Violet, Strawberry, Pistachio, Taupe, Espresso, Charcoal, and Green

iPhone 5 047a

Satin colors: Gold, Caramel, Rose, Lilac, Peach, Nude, Sterling, Sage, Mist, and Plum

Both of these sets are limited edition and are already sold out in many places (the pencil set is sold out on the official website but the shadow set is still available). Check any retailer that sales bareMinerals products.

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