Product Quickview – China Glaze Whirled Away

Accent nail done using Butter London Cream Tea and China Glaze Whirled Away

Accent nail done using Butter London Cream Tea and China Glaze Whirled Away

Here is a nail look I put together real quick in order to test out the China Glaze Whirled Away nail lacquer. The reason I only used it as an accent nail look was because of the difficulty I had with it. In theory, this is a great product to add some texture and interesting art to your nails but getting those pieces on your nail is more difficult than expected. I attempted this several times before settling on an accent nail presentation (same concept was done on my toes).

The issue seems to be the inability to just brush on the polish and get a decent amount of the glitter shapes on the nail. You may get 1 or 2 pieces but otherwise, they tend to stay on the brush or get swept off with the brush stroke. What I realized is that I would need to drop the pieces on my nail and attempt to arrange them by using the brush to try and spread them out. Because the clear base used is pretty thick these tends to leave spots of thick and uneven areas that can’t be brushed flat easily. I did allow the polish to dry mostly before gently pressing some of the more raised areas down, then followed up with a top coat. I also noticed that I had to dig to get the white pieces. This was less of a big deal with the cream base color I went with, but on other colors I would definitely want more white pieces for accent.

Overall, I think the concept and idea of this polish is great, but the application leaves much to be desired. I’m determined to find a better method for this so if any readers out there have had better success please share your tips! BTW…I added a quick video discussing this polish below. Please be aware that the video was done very quickly and it is definitely not the best. I did it using the front facing camera on my iPad mini so the angle is odd and it was spur of the moment. I still decided to share it anyway lol.

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