Product Review: MAC “O” Lipstick

Have you been searching for the MAC Archie Girls lip color “Oh, Oh, Oh” only to find it sold out? A color you may want to consider in it’s place would be MAC’s “O” lip color.

If you missed out on "Oh Oh Oh" then MAC "O"  lipstick could fit your needs

If you missed out on “Oh Oh Oh” then MAC “O” lipstick could fit your needs

“O” is described as purplish-red with golden pearl.  It is labeled as a Frost lipstick.

MAC “O” image.  Image is the property of MAC Cosmetics


Oh, Oh, Oh is described as a sheer brown plum lipstick and is in the Lustre formula.

Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick image from the Archie Girls Betty collection. Image is the property of MAC Cosmetics.

If you look at the images on the MAC website you will notice that “O” looks darker than “Oh, Oh, Oh”. In person though, the difference is not as drastic. The difference is apparently so small that some MAC counters are selling “O” in place of the sold out “Oh, Oh, Oh” lipstick…and at the MAC counter I recently visited they aren’t disclosing that “O” isn’t actually a part of the Archie Girls collection unless the customer specifically asks. I don’t know if this is normal policy but it is interesting that any of their counters would knowingly mislead customers that may not be aware of the actual names of items in the collection and think they are picking up a Limited Edition item.

“O” applies with a sheerness that doesn’t match up with the image on the MAC website. It also applies differently than expected based on what it looks like in the tube. Perhaps due to the pearl shimmer or the frost formula this color does not quite apply evenly. It is not unflattering to the naked eye but when a photo was taken with the flash on it was very noticeable.

"O" lipstick picture taken with camera flash on

“O” lipstick picture taken with camera flash on

The formula can be drying so you may want to apply a moisturizing lip balm first. I could not get even application no matter how much I put on, nor could I achieve opaque coverage. The color is a very wearable one though so I would recommend it…especially to those that can’t get their hands on “Oh, Oh, Oh” (although it is still available on the MAC website).

For a great review on “Oh, Oh, Oh” and the reason why I believe “O” is a good dupe based on photos of “Oh, Oh, Oh” check out Temptalia‘s review.

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