Product Review: OPI When Monkeys Fly (Oz Collection)

OPI When Monkeys Fly used over OPI Love Letter

OPI When Monkeys Fly used over OPI Love Letter

Recently I visited Ulta to pick up a couple of Butter London polishes during their 21 Days of Beauty sale when I stumbled across OPI’s new Oz the Great & Powerful collection display. This bottle of When Monkeys Fly caught my attention and after a lot of thought I decided to give it a try.  Maybe it was the astounding amount of gold chunks crammed into the bottle that intrigued me…it was literally so packed that there was no movement when attempting to shake the bottle up. I had to think long and hard about it because I still have mixed feelings about another large chunk filled polish that I own – China Glaze’s Whirled Away.

When Monkeys Fly is an interesting mix of large gold foil chunks and tiny silver holographic glitters in a clear base. I can’t think of a similar polish so this is part of what makes it unique (in my opinion). I immediately envisioned using this over a red or black polish, but could also see it being used on a nearly nude color. It applies much easier than I experienced with the China Glaze polish I mentioned earlier. The large gold chunks may apply curled upward which can lead to having a snag-able surface. It’s not a huge deal and adds to the texture of the nail, but if it bothers you a lot you can simply use tweezers to flip the chunk curled-side down or gently pressing the chunk down while the polish is wet. As you can see, the number of gold chunks on each nail can range per application but if you feel that there aren’t enough you can always apply additional coats. I didn’t find myself having to dig for the chunks in this as I always got at least 1-2 chunks  in addition to a well proportioned amount of the smaller silver glitters. If I shook the bottle before applying a coat to a nail I was more likely to end up with a clump of gold glitters. All it took was a good swipe of the brush before applying to get rid of excess chunks.

This is one of those polishes that you can use depending on preference. I opted for a nude base by using 2 coats of OPI Love Letter before applying  1 coat of When Monkeys Fly. On a few nails I applied a second coat which increased the depth of the silver glitters and added a few additional gold chunks. Wear time appears to be average (I usually get about 1 week of wear with minimal wearing at the tips and minor chipping if any at all). Alone this polish may not be that attention grabbing for some but I imagine it can be amazing over more colorful polishes. Overall, I would definitely recommend this as a great add to your collection. It is a great  and easy way to add a little oomph to your manicure!


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