OCC Lip Tar Haul (Via IMATS NY)

IMATS NY OCC Haul - total of 12 lip tars and a polish!

IMATS NY OCC Haul – total of 12 lip tars and a polish!

Since I have already reviewed OCC Lip Tars and there are a ton of reviews floating around the internet I won’t bother with the full detailed review. New to OCC Lip Tars? Check out my review HERE

As you may have realized by now, I absolutely LOVE OCC Lip Tars! They were tops on my list for IMATS NY and yes, I went a little crazy with the number that I snagged. Below, all of the lip tars I purchased are shown on the lips EXCEPT for NSFW and Black Dahlia (by the time I got around to applying Black Dahlia my lips were screaming for a break! Trust me, applying and removing 12 lip tars back to back can reek havoc on your lips!). As a side note, the polish pictured above came in a set with the NSFW lip tar (polish is the same color) and a mini lip brush in a handy clear pouch. It’s much like the pouch that the Pro Pick’s set came in which I love to house all of my other lip tars so grabbing that set was a no brainer!

OCC Lip Tars: Top - Lydia, Hoochie Middle - Ophelia, Beta Bottom - Interlace, Strumpet

OCC Lip Tars:
Top – Lydia, Hoochie
Middle – Ophelia, Beta
Bottom – Interlace, Strumpet

OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Lip Tars: Top - Annika, Lovecraft Bottom - Zhora, Clockwork

OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Lip Tars:
Top – Annika, Lovecraft
Bottom – Zhora, Clockwork

This haul has pushed my OCC Lip Tar collection count to 24! 29 if you count the 5 backups I have of the colors I use for mixing (RX, Feathered, Iced, Traffic, and Triptych). I grabbed a few extras of some of these colors at IMATS so I smell another giveaway in the future! Are you an OCC lip tar fan? What are your fave colors?

10 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tar Haul (Via IMATS NY)

  1. Kris says:

    Hi! I just found your blog googling about lip tars. I found them recently and fell in love. I want to pick up a few of the mixing shades – right now I have only clear, Memento, Divine, and Trollop. Great shades but should pick up a nude and/or a while to tone down the brights. Kind of curious about the new frosted finish, too, as I have none of those. How do you think they compare? Have you mixed a frosted and a creme finish?

    • Hi, Kris! I only have two of the frosted “metallic” line of lip tars (although a couple of the Sci-Fi Lullabies are frosted so I guess I have 4 now)…Iced (the frosted white) and Triptych (the gold metallic frost). I have mixed those with the regular finish lip tars…Iced when I want a satin type shimmer with several colors. I’ve mixed Triptych with Grandma to try and dupe OCC’s Electric Grandma and I’ve mixed it with one of my custom “mystery mixes”. I love mixing with Iced…Triptych is ok on occasion but it’s more gritty so it changes the texture of whatever I mix it with. It’s not bad, but it’s not one I do for a regular day time look.

      I always recommend to those that want to experiment with mixing to at least purchase Feathered (the regular white) and perhaps Tarred (black) but if it’s within your budget I would also recommend Traffic (yellow), RX (true cyan blue) and a Red (NSFW is a true balanced red) so that you have the basis for creating a variety of colors. Hope I answered your questions!

      • Kris says:

        So helpful, thanks. I will look into Iced and Feathered and a nude color for more muted but not necessarily pastel shades.

        I do wish the tars dried my lips out less. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I really have to moisturize and exfoliate like crazy. But the customizable colors and the fact that they dont’ come off on everything like regular lipstick are great.

      • Because they are so pigment heavy they tend to be drying…especially if you tend to have naturally dry lips! I prep my lips a few minutes prior to using any lip product with Jack Black lip balm. Absolutely love it. It’s technically a line made for men but even they acknowledge on their website that their lip balm is loved and used by women more than it is by men! Because I use it daily (even if I’m not wearing any other lip product) I find that I don’t have to exfoliate my lips.

  2. Shelby says:

    Great swatches!

    Who ended up winning the last giveaway? I never did see that.

    • Thanks, Shelby!
      The winner’s name was Melissa. When a winner is chosen I contact them first and ask if they want me to announce their user name (twitter/fb) as the winner. If they tell me no (which was the case with this winner) then I won’t announce it. I may end up changing this tactic because I know it’s frustrating to those that entered and they would like to know who the winner is…and more importantly, I’m sure they’d like to know someone really won! I just figured as long as the giveaway I’m doing isn’t sponsored then I can allow the winners the choice of if their win is announced or not.

      Speaking of giveaways though…I am trying to decide what I want the next one to be. I picked up a few things from IMATS solely with the intent of giving them away (IF my bff doesn’t take everything from my stash lol). I’m just trying to play catch up with some other writing projects that I’m working on while trying to squeeze in some reviews for the blog when I can!

  3. I just got the Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set and I am loving them. While I’m not too fond of cool blue-purple toned colors like Pretty Boy, I find that with OCC Lip Tar, I can actually wear and rock them – though I still find my warm toned pinks, corals, and peaches safer for every situation. I seriously love OCC Lip Tars. While they’re not so friendly with quick touch ups and reapplications, I actually find I don’t need to reapply unless it’s been 8-10 hours since I last applied and I ate stuff like ice cream or brushed my teeth so I don’t mind that issue at all.

    And the pigmentation! It’s the most pigmented lip product I’ve ever experienced – hands down. I am very picky when it comes to lip products since I have uneven lips. The central part is reddish pink but the outer part is just dark… So lip products like glosses, colored balms, and all other lipsticks lacking packed pigmentation disappoint big time. OCC Lip Tar is nothing like those.

    And it’s not sticky either! I was most surprised since a lot of lip products that are pigmented are usually sticky and come up thick. With Lip Tars, a little DOES go a long way. I found it surprising that this lip product is kind of like lip paint… You apply it pigmented and not too runny and it just dries semi-matte but not sticky. It doesn’t glob up. So no matter how many times I smack my lips together even after it’s dried, it’s not going to accentuate dry areas or cracks in my lips.

    The feathering, I haven’t really experienced much since my lips aren’t much prone to feathering. I suppose for dryness as well? This hasn’t dried my lips unless I applied a lip tar and wiped it hard with tissues to get off… And then went through the deal all over again.

    I’ve been so impressed with these that I am just cancelling on buying any other lip products unless I have Divine, Trollop, Femme, Ophelia, Feathered, Traffic, Tarred, and NSFW. It’s just perfect since I hate having to reapply lip color after eating and this doesn’t disappear when I eat. And when it does, it leaves a stain behind.

    What else can I say? OCC Lip Tars are worth the hype. I’d seriously collect all 47 colors if I could… That’s how much I love these. And that’s coming from someone who isn’t easily impressed by high-end brand names just for having nice packaging.

    The things I’ve been looking for all along in lip products, OCC Lip Tar has delivered.

    If you know of a nice peachy-pink shade like NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp in OCC Lip Tars, please do tell. While I’m ready to purchase a lot of them to mix and get that color result, an OCC Lip Tar tube alone that can give me that color would be great. It’s been my go-to lip color for years. It looks great on me even when I’m pale and sick, dark and tanned, or just have terrible skin days. I thought OCC Grandma would be it, but Grandma is too orange and bordering on neon. :/

    Any help would be appreciated!

    P.S. I might add Annika and Ophelia on my list up there.

    • Glad that you love them, Hazel! As you can tell I’m a HUGE fan of the lip tars and am well on my way to having the whole line lol.

      As far as an OCC lip tar that would be a suitable dupe for NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp….I would think that Momento would be pretty close…at least based on swatches I’ve looked at of the two colors. Grandma is definitely no where close to it. Grandma is a color I have hit or miss days with alone. Sometimes it looks amazing, but there are some days that it’s just too bright so I have to tone it down with a little chocolate lip liner (my HG tool for making almost ANY color work on me over the years). You may have to mix something to get a more spot on dupe of Antwerp. Maybe Ophelia + a little bit of Lydia for example? Half the fun is in the mixing lol.

      Thanks for commenting! I always love to find others that share my love of OCC lip tars!

  4. I have always wanted to try lip tars but I am so nervous about the consistency and I feel like the would feather like crazy! Do you have any problems with that?

    • You really should try them! The key is not to apply too much. It really only takes a tiny amount to get full coverage. A lot of people that experience bleeding or feathering tend to use too much product. You have to remember that these are NOT lip glosses, so if you apply the same amount that you would a traditional gloss then you’ve used too much!
      I find it best to apply a thin coat first (about a pin sized drop)…then if needed, apply a second thin layer. You can also use a clear lip liner as a barrier around your lips to keep lip tar from bleeding into tiny lip lines.
      Thanks for commenting! And feel free to ask any other questions you may have about lip tars. As you may be able to tell, I have a LOT of experience with them lol

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