MAC Baking Beauties Haul and Rant

MAC Baking Beauties Haul and a quick swatch of Lavender Whip Lipstick (2013 version)

MAC Baking Beauties Haul and a quick swatch of Lavender Whip Lipstick (2013 version)

Fair warning….this is more of a rant than a haul post! Today MAC’s Baking Beauty collection was released at stores and counters (it was released earlier online) so for the 1st time in a long time I decided to go out early so I could snag the few items I wanted. I arrived about 20 minutes before opening. By the time the doors opened there were 5 of us waiting. While we waited for the doors to open we all engaged in a little chit chat where everyone mentioned they were planning on getting Lavender Whip lipstick. Fast forward to us making it to the counter…I was the 2nd person in line. The 1st person ironically was the LAST person to arrive while we were waiting for the doors to open. She proceeded to tell the MUA/Salesperson that she wanted ALL of their Lavender Whip lipsticks. I’m sure you can imagine the look of shock and annoyance all of us waiting had on our faces. THIS is where my rant begins…

I can understand wanting to have a backup of an LE color that you anticipate loving…especially when it comes to MAC and their insistence of releasing mostly LE collections with obscenely low numbers (low enough for popular colors to sell out in minutes online). What I can’t understand is being so callously rude to buy ALL of the store’s stock when you know for a fact that there are others in store with you that are there with the goal of purchasing at least one of the same thing. I’m not against people being free to buy whatever they want to…I’m not even trying to stress that there should be a hard limit on what you can purchase. This is more of a common courtesy thing. It was bad enough that this woman literally shoved people out of the way to race to the counter when the doors were opened (imagine Black Friday shoppers bursting through the doors and trampling people to get to the few $99 flat screen tv’s advertised) when she arrived last and only waited outside with us for 5 minutes tops. But for her to KNOW that we were all planning on getting Lavender Whip because you participated in the conversation…only to buy ALL of them…sigh! I suppose her method could be called smart if she manages to sell the stash for an amazing profit, but it’s just not something I would do.

So there you have it…my completely random rant lol. FYI, the haul portion of this is as follows:

Lavender Whip lipstick (Yes, I managed to get what would have been the display lipstick BUT all of this transpired before the MUA could set up the display so I got lucky)

Eclair Paint Pot

Mooncake Paint Pot

Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter (this is NOT LE like everything else listed. It used to be Pro only, but it is now available on the MAC website under Pro Products that anyone can purchase. It may be less easy to find at some MAC dept store counters though outside of this collection)

I have an amazing new friend in New Jersey that offered to pick up another Lavender Whip and a Raspberry Swirl lipstick for me (this was offered BEFORE I found out I could purchase what would  have been the display LW)! So at least I will hopefully have a backup of LW since I am absolutely loving this color. Maybe it’s due to my recent obsession with purple lippies….

Did you manage to snag any of the MAC Baking Beauties collection? Share your likes/dislikes below!

3 thoughts on “MAC Baking Beauties Haul and Rant

  1. aleeyatk says:

    I can’t believe that lady actually asked to buy all their Lavender Whip lipsticks like that and they let her do it! I think that MAC should put a limit on the quantity of a LE item that a customer can purchase at a time especially on the 1st date of release. That was just so unfair. I’m happy you got yours.

    • Thank you! I can’t imagine doing that to others no matter how much I love the product. I wouldn’t be upset if MAC did put a limit on what a customer could buy at a time for LE products. If you really want it you will go to multiple outlets BUT it will stop people from doing what this woman did and cleaning out the stock in one purchase.

  2. Joannie says:

    Many high-end department stores restrict the number of items that can be purchased by an individual. Perhaps MAC should adopt that approach as well.

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