Product Review: MAC Lavender Whip lipstick 2013

Lavender Whip (2013) lipstick

Lavender Whip (2013) lipstick

If you were one of the lucky ones to snag a Lavender Whip (2013) lipstick from the Baking Beauties collection then chances are you are one of many that love this new incarnation of the original Lavender Whip. Fans of the original have pointed out that this one is a lighter and less purple so it left those fans a little disappointed. Personally, I love this version! I never had the original so I’m honestly not sure what I’ve missed out on, but I can understand the complaints of those that found the original perfect.

I’ll leave my quantity rant to my previous post on my Baking Beauties haul and just get to the important stuff here. It’s a light, cool lavender in MAC’s Cremesheen formula. It pulls a little more pink than purple (which may be the reason lovers of the original are complaining). Many will find this one more wearable than the original appeared to be as it is a bit softer and less in your face. It applies slightly sheer, but the color is obvious and can be built up to a semi opaque look.

Lavender Whip (2013) lipstick

Lavender Whip (2013) lipstick

Lavender Whip (2013) - pulls slightly pink on my lips with a build-able semi-opaque look.

Lavender Whip (2013) – pulls slightly pink on my lips with a build-able semi-opaque look.

The formula is soft and plush on my lips. It doesn’t dry lips nor does it hydrate them, but I don’t feel the need to apply lip balm prior to putting this on like I do for some other lip products. Wear time has been 3-4 hours for me which isn’t surprising with such a light color. As it starts to fade it does so in a flattering way. It doesn’t become splotchy or pilled.

Unfortunately, this is a LE lipstick so if you weren’t lucky enough to snag one then you are either out of luck or forced to pay inflated prices to grab one on Ebay. I always urge those willing to purchase from Ebay to do so with extreme caution. There are plenty of shady people out there selling fake MAC products…I’ve spotted a few questionable Ebay listings for this lipstick already (photos used show fake MAC packaging…remember, even though this is LE it is packaged the same way permanent lippies are…look closely at the tube to make sure it matches current MAC lipsticks you own. If the seller is only showing a stock photo then ask to see an actual photo of the tube(s) they are selling. If they refuse then think carefully about purchasing from them!).

Overall, I would definitely recommend this color to anyone…if you can get your hands on it! I have been wearing this almost daily so I definitely wish I had a backup! I thought I had scored one twice (once when a friend in NJ was going to get one for me but his connection fell through…and once on where they allowed me and many others to order it only to send out cancellation emails hours later!).


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