Product Review: Lit Cosmetics Intense Eye and Body Glitter

Lit Cosmetics

If you checked out my IMATS NY 2013  Haul post you would have noticed that one of the brands I purchased from was Lit Cosmetics. I had been interested for a long time in trying out their glitters after seeing so many praises on YouTube, various beauty blogs, and seeing a few of their glitters that a friend had purchased. I was hesitant to pull the plug despite  viewing their website numerous times because their massive color options and sizes were a little daunting …plus we all know how some products don’t look like the colors you view online when you see them in person! So when I saw Lit Cosmetics on the exhibitors list for IMATS I was excited to check them out!

About Lit Cosmetics:

Lit Cosmetics is a glitter/loose color cosmetics company that was created by and is owned by Jodie Perks in 2001.  What makes their line of glitters/loose color pigments unique is the variety in colors, textures, and size options available. You can choose from 4 different sizes AND 4 different textures.


  • Shimmers – see through iridescent sparkles with a touch of color. *Neon shimmers will glow under black light*
  • Solids – pure glitter color
  • Metallics –   a matte shine with solid color
  • Electrics  – shocking color with a little hint of sparkle. *will glow under black light*


  • Size #1 – the smallest cut described as “Sexy Sophistication” and is available only in Solids (.002 x .002)
  • Size #2 – “Fun Lov’in and Fancy Free” is the most popular cut and available in all 4 textures (.004 x .004)
  • Size #3 – “Go Bling or Go Home” is medium cut and is available in Solids and Shimmers (.008 x .008)
  • Size #4 –  “Diva” is the largest cut and available in Solids and Shimmers (.015 x .015). It is noted on the website that most stores will NOT carry this size!

It is important to note that Lit Glitters are eye safe unlike many other cosmetic grade glitters.

Another raved about product of Lit Cosmetics is their Clearly Liquid Glitter Base. It is made of 100% all natural ingredients and does not contain parabens, alcohol, or Propylene Glycol. It comes in a 30ml bottle and can be used with all of your Lit Cosmetics purchases.


Ok, with all of the technical stuff out of the way lets get in to my personal thoughts! As I mentioned, I originally purchased items from Lit Cosmetics booth at IMATS NY 2013. They were having a special on the Lit Kit where you could choose 3, 4, or 5 stack-able glitter colors along with the kit that included:

  • 1 30ml Clearly Liquid Glitter Base
  • 1 4ml (travel size) Glitter Base
  • 1 Round Brush
  • 1 Liner Brush
  • 1 Sparkle Duster – a mesh covered white cotton-like ball used to dust off any glitter fallout you might have during application
  • 1 Lit hand fan – used to help dry your glitter application

I went with the 3 stack option and chose Champagne Wishes solid/size#2, Trend solid/size#3, and Sugar Free solid/size#2.

Lit Cosmetics Glitters purchased at IMATS NY 2013 - Sugar Free, Trend, and Champagne Wishes

Lit Cosmetics Glitters purchased at IMATS NY 2013 – Sugar Free, Trend, and Champagne Wishes

I had never been a huge fan of glitter and tend to shy away from glitter heavy eye shadows due to the crazy fallout (which is NOT a contact lens wearer’s friend!) but Lit Glitters are so gorgeous and I had  seen so many great eye looks using glitters that I was dying to give them a try. Swatching the glitters at IMATS made it difficult to stick with only 3 colors but I had went crazy at the OCC booth so I forced myself to stick within my 3 glitter limit.

Sugar Free is a gorgeous peachy glitter mix with what looks like some golden flecks and perhaps a bit of deep orange or red flecks mixed in. I knew I wanted this color when I saw a girl walk by wearing it after she had Jodie apply it (another cool thing about their booth…seeing the creator/owner applying the product to people the whole day). When she told me what color it was (and that it was applied over the MAC Arena eye shadow she was already wearing and that I knew I already owned) I was sold!

Champagne Wishes is a gorgeous neutral golden champagne colored glitter. I swatched this at the booth and was immediately sold on it. Who am I kidding…if I had swatched all of the colors I might be saying the same thing for each one! This color may be less “fun” as some of the more bright glitter colors, but to me there is something sexy and sophisticated about this one! I can easily see someone that tends to hate glitters actually loving how this one looks on them!

Test run of Sugar Free glitter on lids with Champagne Wishes on the lower lash line

Test run of Sugar Free glitter on lids with Champagne Wishes on the lower lash line

Trend is a beautiful bright AND deep blue colored glitter. This particular glitter was purchased in the size #3, which at first look and swatch at the booth I didn’t realize the difference. After trying it out at home I was able to see and feel the difference in size between #2 and #3. Although it’s not a terribly huge sized glitter it is bigger than I realize I like. This is the only one I experienced a tiny bit of fallout with only because the individual pieces are a little bigger. This is something to consider if you are worried about the size of the glitter you choose. I still love this one (the color is so beautiful), but I wouldn’t purchase size #3 too often if I could avoid it.

I ended up ordering MORE glitters from Lit Cosmetics website less than 2 weeks after IMATS (which tells you how deeply I fell in love with them!). I ordered 4 glitters and used a promo code provided with my purchases from IMATS to get a free 5th glitter. To my surprise, I was also given the free glitter that was promo’d on the website for those that purchased 2 or more glitters! I felt more comfortable choosing colors after seeing some of the options in person although I admit I have no clue what some of the others I saw were named! I just knew that the colors were all beautiful so I felt like I couldn’t go wrong!

Lit Cosmetics Glitters: She Devil, Boogie Wonderland, Gal Friday, Marilyn Monroe, Heavy Metal, and Valley Girl

Lit Cosmetics Glitters: She Devil, Boogie Wonderland, Gal Friday, Marilyn Monroe, Heavy Metal, and Valley Girl

The 4 colors I paid for were She Devil, Gal Friday, Marilyn Monroe, and Heavy Metal. I used my promo code to snag Valley girl and was given Boogie Wonderland which is the current free glitter being given on the website when you order 2 glitter colors or if you order any Lit Kit. All of the glitters I ordered are size #2 solid glitter. Heavy Metal is listed under the Bronze-Brown colors, Gal Friday is under Burgundy-Fuchsia, She Devil is under Peach-Orange, Valley Girl and Boogie Wonderland are both under Purples, and Marilyn Monroe is listed under Silver-Black.

My thoughts on the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is pretty simple. This stuff is AMAZING! I never would have imagined that a liquid could keep glitter from budging until you’re ready to take it off without it feeling heavy or sticky, but Lit Cosmetics Glitter Base does just that! There is no strong or overpowering odor (we can thank the absence of alcohol for that!) and it literally feels like water when applied. It dries relatively quickly and doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the eye lid. I did not experience any stinging despite my eye lids being sensitive as of late (liquid eye liners tend to have a low grade sting on my lids which isn’t painful but it’s something I have noticed to be consistent no matter what brand I use). Even more interesting is the fact that I was able to use this glitter base with 2 MAC pressed pigments that I had been trying desperately to love but the fallout was killing me. I was also able to use it to apply glitter to my lips late one night when I was bored.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to talk about Jodie Perks. I was impressed to meet her at IMATS and see that she was as sweet and funny as she was. Not that I expected her to be a monster…it is just refreshing to see the owner of a cosmetics brand be as friendly and interactive with the customers as she was. I was further impressed after placing my online order with her to see how she goes out of her way to connect with the customer. Prior to placing my order I did email her to thank her for her kindness at IMATS…never expecting to receive a response or if I did I expected it would be from a rep. To my surprise SHE responded and was just as kind! When my package arrived today I was surprised to see a hand written note from her along with an extra gift…she included a little something that one of my lucky readers will have a chance to receive! I’ll let you all know about that real soon (have to figure out how I want to do this giveaway). I definitely wasn’t expecting that, but it shows just how amazing Jodie is. Nothing is better than a company with excellent customer service although I feel like the way Jodie engages with her customers is something far more than customer service. She makes you feel like YOU matter…something that many companies say, but don’t necessary exhibit.

I feel like I missed some fine points in this review since it was getting so long, but if you need more information about Lit Cosmetics or are interested in purchasing their products visit their website at



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