Product Quickview: MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

Swatch of MAC RiRi Woo Retro Matte lipstick

Swatch of MAC RiRi Woo Retro Matte lipstick

My RiRi Woo lipstick arrived today, but since I’m not in a full makeup kind of mood (being sick isn’t fun!) I just decided to do the quick swatch pic and do a quick application collage to show it on my skintone (so forgive my less than stellar face shots! I am sans any other makeup and sick!!!). The collage of me wearing it is below!

Just a few quick notes. As the reviews and swatches  come in the buzz seems to be that RiRi Woo is very close to Ruby Woo (permanent shade) so there is a lot of disappointment among those that own Ruby Woo. Based on those swatches I would say if you already own Ruby Woo and  you aren’t a collector of all lipsticks that are Red regardless of how close they appear to each other then you can skip RiRi Woo. If you are like me and don’t own Ruby Woo then you won’t be disappointed by the same complaints. It is also worth noting that RiRi Woo will be released again in June and is rumored to be in special packaging so if having LE packaging is more your thing then you might want to be ready for round 2 of this release.

RiRi Woo is in MAC’s Retro Matte formula. This means that it is the truest of matte formulas. Think old school matte lipsticks from the 50’s and early 60’s or classic Hollywood matte. If you tend to have dry lips then you will definitely have to prep your lips before using this formula (or any matte) as it is not very forgiving. That means doing a lip scrub if necessary and making sure your lips are well hydrated in advance by using a moisturizing lip balm (I suggest Jack Black, which I have reviewed before). The color is very pigmented so it applies fully opaque in one swipe. It applies a bit dry from the tube so there isn’t a lot of slip. It’s not uncomfortable, but if you’re not used to a matte lipstick you may be in for a surprise. I just received this about an hour or so ago so I haven’t had time to fully test the wear time, but matte lipsticks tend to have a longer wear time due to their lack of movement. I can usually get 6+ hours of wear out of a matte lipstick easily.

RiRi Woo worn. Top: In bathroom lighting. Bottom: Standing near window lighting.

RiRi Woo worn. Top: In bathroom lighting. Bottom: Standing near window lighting.

2 thoughts on “Product Quickview: MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

  1. Did you know that MAC is not cruelty free because of their parent company & they can’t guarantee it. =/

    • My understanding is that MAC is still cruelty free despite their parent company not being known to be so. Because MAC is still being sold in the EU countries that have enacted a no animal testing policy for products sold I would assume until proof otherwise that they are following those guidelines….and remain cruelty free. I don’t pretend to know for a fact that every company is or isn’t complying to those standards, but for now I have no concrete reason to believe that they have changed.

      I assume your comment was meant to show your desire to no longer support or purchase any MAC products, which I absolutely respect. I would like to say that although I prefer not to support companies that I know don’t operate in a cruelty free capacity I can’t say that I have pushed an image for my blog that says that I will not review products from companies that unfortunately are under a parent company that has a history of operating in manners other than the companies I review normally operate. This debate has gone on when it comes to various companies….notable the Urban Decay sell to Loreal that has some people outraged and immediately labeling Urban Decay as no longer being cruelty free. This is not the case as Urban Decay remains cruelty free and say that there are no plans to change that. For me, I am ok with that as long as they are honest about their continued practices. I also respect those that feel that it doesn’t matter if companies like MAC or Urban Decay continue to operate in their cruelty free manner if their parent company is questionable…and because of this refuse to support or use their products.

      I am in the process of expanding the products that I review and am hoping to aim for smaller brands that offer quality products at affordable prices that are also cruelty free and in some cases vegan. My blog is fueled solely by my own purchases unless otherwise noted. Since I have only received free products to review mainly through my involvement with Influenster and iFabbo (I have a few products to review that I received from my blog membership, but have yet to finish testing them to see if I want to review them), but the few free items I have received have been noted in those reviews. Because I don’t make money from this blog my purchasing is made when I can afford to do so. While I know my blogging about items from MAC may cause some users to no longer look at my blog I know that there are some readers that have enjoyed being able to see the few MAC items I have reviewed. Ultimately, I try to run a blog that is based solely on my honest and unbiased opinions. I don’t guarantee a review on any product that I may receive from a brand or their PR firm. Right now that is easy since I don’t really get them like that, but it is a principal I started out with and one that will always remain.

      I know I went a little off topic and I apologize for that. Thank you for your comment. And if you have some facts that you would like to present that shows known animal cruelty tactics that MAC directly has been involved in please feel free to share (and when possible, cite the source of the proof of such acts as this will be helpful to readers that may decide such a tactic is enough for them to reconsider the company(ies) they support). I just ask that the info you or anyone provides is more than just basing it on the parent company without any facts to show where the company in question (in this case MAC) has actually done anything that makes them no longer cruelty free. I’m a believer in providing the full truth and not just one aspect of it.

      Thanks again for commenting, Ellie! And sorry for the extra long response!

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