Product Review: Bdellium Tools 12 pc Eye Brush Set

Bdellium 12pc Eye Brush Set

Bdellium 12pc Eye Brush Set

After using this brush set for about a month I thought it was time to give my review of the set. I picked this set up at IMATS NY 2013 and for the life of me can’t remember what the IMATS price was however, on Bdellium’s website it is listed for $50.40 (this is a reduced price apparently). The set is exclusively for eyes and includes 12 brushes. It also comes with a brush pouch. This particular set is part of the Studio Line.

A little info directly from their website:

Bdellium Tools Studio Line brushes are makeup tools designed from top grade materials and assembled by hand for a superior quality. Each and every brush showcases the flawless application medium that is Bdellium Tools. From precisely shaped brush heads to balanced mixtures of natural and/or synthetic hair bristles, the luxuriously lacquered long wooden handles of the Studio Line will give you optimum control and comfort resulting in a perfect application time after time. All of the Studio Line brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles.

As mentioned, this set comes with 12 brushes.

  • #785S Tapered Blending
  • #780S Pencil
  • #778S Large Shadow
  • #776S Blending
  • #772S Small Shader
  • #766S Angled Shadow
  • #763S Small Angle
  • #760S Liner/Brow
  • #755S Smudge
  • #733S Lash
  • #714S Flat Eye Definer
  • #710S Eye Liner

The bristles in this set are either synthetic, natural, or a mixture of both. Overall, the quality of the brushes are decent for the price point. The two standouts for me are the #778 Large Shadow and #766 Angled Shadow. They both are extremely soft and perform very well. I found myself going for these two more often than any other brush in the collection. I also like the #710 Eye Liner brush when I want a thicker line than my MAC liner brush will provide in a single movement.

There are no completely terrible performers in the set although there are some that I only use if any of my similar options from other brands are dirty or still drying after being cleaned. The #760 Liner/Brow brush is one that comes to mind. It’s not uncomfortable or anything…it just feels like it’s lacking some of the bristles (for lack of better way to describe it!). There are also a few that I rarely need or don’t think are necessary to own such as the #733 Lash and the #714 Flat Eye Definer.

I did have an issue with one brush from the moment that I opened the set, the #785 Tapered Blending brush. I always wash new brushes before using them although Bdellium says these brushes are ready for immediate use, thanks to the anti-bacterial agent that is applied to the bristles. When I washed the #785 (using baby shampoo, which has become my favorite soap style cleanser for brushes) I noticed the suds had a red tint. I initially didn’t think too much about it and decided to let it dry and then cleanse it again. After several cleanings (without actually using the brush) I still noticed the red tint and realized it was dye from some of the bristles. With each cleaning those bristles deep red coloring would lighten, but the red tint didn’t seem to be lessening. I emailed Bdellium to ask if this was normal (and to ask about the odd foul scent of the pouch included…which I had sprayed with Febreeze over several days to try and rid the smell to no avail). After some back and forth where I was asked to describe in detail what was happening, how I was cleaning the brush, and with what I was told that a replacement brush from the Bamboo collection would  be sent. I was assured that the Bamboo replacement would not have this issue. They were also going to replace the pouch with one that would be  checked for the odor before it was approved to be sent to me. On this note, I was happy that Bdellium would replace the brush despite it being part of a set I purchased at IMATS. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of the feel of the Bamboo line #785 compared to the bristles of the Studio line version. I was sent both the green handled Bamboo #785 (it was a shorter handled travel sized one) and a pink handled full sized one. These brushes weren’t horrible by any stretch of the imagination. The bristles just weren’t as soft and at times they irritate my sensitive eye lids a little, which is not something I experience with either of my 2 other tapered blending brushes by different brands.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these brushes for anyone that needs to build their brush collection at an affordable price (if you can go to IMATS or any other trade show Bdellium attends I would recommend you purchase these then. I think I paid either $19.95 or $29.95 for the set…or somewhere in between lol) or if you are an MUA that needs to have multiples for use on several clients. They are much better than most entry point brush sets and are more kind to your wallet than attempting to purchase 12 brushes that serve the same purposes from beloved brands like MAC or other popular consumer options. If you are someone that prefers all synthetic/cruelty free brush options then you can opt for one of their Bamboo lines (pink, green, or yellow).

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