Product Review: MAC Temperature Rising Altered Beige, Feel My Pulse, Underdressed, and Rhythm

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

By now you’ve probably already read a ton of reviews on MAC’s summer collection release, Temperature Rising. I’m still waiting on a few items to arrive (2 lipsticks, a lip glass, and one of the e/s quads), but these are the lip products I have received so far. Feel My Pulse and Altered Beige are lipsticks while Rhythm and Underdressed are lip glasses. When I originally placed my pre-order at my local MAC counter I only picked the 2 lipsticks in this review and the blush shown above. When I went to pick up my order I ended up caving and buying the two lip glasses. The other items I am waiting for were impulse buys from when Macy’s started taking orders on their website. I also ended up going back and buying the Temperature Rising Quad after missing out on the Bare My Soul one (which a new friend offered to give me and will be sending to me this week! Thanks, Debbi!). So what should have been a small haul from this collection ended up being most of the items in it!

Altered Beige (Top Left), Feel My Pulse (Top Right), Underdressed (Bottom Left), and Rhythm (Bottom Right)

Altered Beige (Top Left), Feel My Pulse (Top Right), Underdressed (Bottom Left), and Rhythm (Bottom Right)

Feel My Pulse is a purple lipstick which leans somewhat magenta in coloring. It is a Cremesheen formula and applies opaque (although it does have some slight sheerness to it…enough that the beauty mark on my lip can still be seen). It lasts 3-4 hours on me which seems to be the norm for other cremesheen lipsticks.

Altered Beige is a frosted beige with slight pink tones to it. It applies somewhere between semi-sheer and semi-opaque on me and lasts about 3 hours. It’s not drying but it’s not very forgiving if your lips are any level of dry! It really doesn’t show up much on me alone but if I use a chocolate lip liner to lightly line my lips and then blend it looks like the lip color I tend to grab when I am looking for just a hint of color without too much work. It is a Lustre formula.

Rhythm is described as “vivid magenta violet with pearl”. It appears far more pigmented in the tube than it does on the lips. It adds sparkle to the lips without feeling gritty (it is NOT glitter although it may look like it is from the tube). It has the thick somewhat sticky feel that MAC’s lip glass tends to have, which makes it wear well. I think it’s better suited for layering over a lipstick like Feel My Pulse, but if you are a fan of tinted lip balms that give a barely there tint to your lips you might enjoy it alone.

Underdressed is described as “bronze plum with multidimensional pearls” although I don’t know why plum is mentioned at all. It is a brown color with gold and copper shimmer/sparkles. The shimmer in this one is much more noticeable but very pretty. The brown is semi-sheer but doesn’t add any significant color to the lips. It does, however slightly affect the color of a lipstick worn underneath so you might want to keep this in mind if you want your lipstick color to remain the same. Again, this has the feel of most other MAC lip glass products but it’s not gritty like a MAC Dazzle Glass lip glass would be.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the lip glasses. Rhythm was far less pigmented than I imagined so it was a bit disappointing. Underdressed is pretty, but I’m not sure how often I would grab it. I think I may have outgrown my love of lip gloss/lip glass which used to be all I wore for years. As far as the lipsticks go, I love Feel My Pulse which was expected since I am in a huge purple lip color phase. I would have loved it more if it were a different formula (a matte would have been amazing!), but otherwise I have no complaints. Altered Beige isn’t anything special. It’s a great nude/neutral color that I can (and definitely would) tweak with my trusty chocolate lip liner, but I feel like I have other similar colors that once mixed with a lip liner appear the same on my lips (MAC’s Myself and Pillow Talk are two of my go-to lip sticks for this purpose).


2 thoughts on “Product Review: MAC Temperature Rising Altered Beige, Feel My Pulse, Underdressed, and Rhythm

  1. katherine says:

    i kinda regret didn’t pick up Altered Beige… I need a nude color…

    • I’ve actually worn Altered Beige several times…it’s a color I didn’t expect to like that much but it is such an easy color to wear alone (a barely there color on me) or with just a touch of a chocolate lip liner like I mentioned in the review.

      If you aren’t planning to already you should check out the nude lip colors being released in the Nudes & Metallics Collection on the 18th from MAC (online only). There are 4 nudes being released. I won’t have my products until the 18th and unfortunately I will only be getting 1 nude (Wholesome). I know there are other nudes out there, but I really don’t own that many nude lipsticks…and the few that I have are MAC and were LE’s I believe. Myself, which is a Lustre formula is one of my faves but I’ve had it since 2009 so it’s a bit on the old side lol. Another one is Pillow Talk, which is a Cremesheen formula and came out in late 2011/early 2012. It’s a light/medium beige brown that has an almost neutral pink tinge to it. Other than those I have more nude lip glasses and lip glosses than lipsticks.

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