Quickview: Lit Cosmetics Glitters


To celebrate and congratulate Lit Cosmetics on their entry into the Sephora retail chain I decided to share quick swatches of my current Lit Cosmetics Glitter collection.

Currently, my collection consists of 21 colors, all of which came directly from Lit Cosmetics either via ordering from their website or from IMATS NYC (where I received my 1st 3 glitters and fell in love with the brand). The majority of my collection are the size 2, which is in my opinion the most idea size to work with for eye use as a “shadow” on the lid but I also have a couple of sizes 1 and 3’s in my collection.


Back in Black, Purple Haze, Purple Rain, Firecracker, & Carrot Head


Heavy Metal, Sun Kissed, Beach Baby, & Marilyn Monroe


Champagne Wishes, Trend, Elton Jon, & Mary Jane


Gal Friday, Valley Girl, & Boogie Wonderland


Sugar Free, She Devil, Solar Blast, Ka-Bang!, & No Doubt

Since the last Lit Kit giveaway wasn’t successful (no one followed the rules as outlined so no one won the kit) we still have the kit available. I may open up another giveaway but I have to gauge the interest from the readers. So I need you guys to let me know if you really want another crack at the Lit Kit giveaway! The kit I have available thanks to the generosity of Jodie is one of the available options on the Sephora website (different packaging, same contents). But you have to let me know either via comment on here (preferred), Twitter, or Facebook between now and November 15th so I can start a giveaway that can end in time for the holidays.

4 thoughts on “Quickview: Lit Cosmetics Glitters

  1. Olivia says:

    Ooh I want to win!

    • I’m sorry, but no one responded by the November 15th deadline so I abandoned the giveaway for now. I might be open to revisiting the idea in the future but it will be at a later date! I’ll announce any future giveaways as usual on here, Twitter, and/or the Facebook page (depending on the nature of the giveaway). Please stay tuned!

      Thanks for reading!

      • Cat says:

        Gah! I always discover cool things after they’re over. I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t very popular! Oh well. i’ll keep my eye on your blog. Hoping for a giveaway again sometime but even if not I’m a new fan of your blog. Best wishes!

      • I will definitely have more giveaways at some point this year. Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy the blog!

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