Product Review:Crown Brush HD 6 Piece Brush Set


Any lover of makeup knows that one of the most important parts of having a flawless makeup application are the tools used to achieve it. So I was more than happy to test out the Crown Brush 6 Piece HD Cosmetic Brush Set that I received from iFabbo.

The HD Cosmetic set is a 6 brush set housed in a case (available in purple, orange, or white/blue) with a mirror and a pair of tweezers. The brushes in the set are perfect for applying High Definition cosmetics, liquids, creams and powders. The set is also Vegan friendly. Brushes included are:

Pro Powder

Tapered Blush

Deluxe Contour

Chisel Shadow

Crease Blender

Detail Liner

I received the orange set. The case, handles of the brushes, tweezers, and tips of the bristles are orange while the remainder of the bristles are a white/cream color. The ferrule is shiny silver. The bristles are super soft, which I love.

I focused my testing on 3 of the brushes in the set: The shadow brush, crease brush, and liner brush since I tend to use eye brushes more often (I use a Beauty Blender for a lot of face work).


My favorite of the 3 was the Chisel Shadow brush. It was dense enough to pick up product the way that I needed it to but soft and fluffy enough to blend and distribute it the way that I needed it to. It was not scratchy or uncomfortable on the skin, which is important.


The Crease Blender was perfect for blending color or softly depositing color but if you want to deepen your crease color you would need to use another brush to help out. The bristles are very fluffy and allow the best blending.


The Detail Liner was a little difficult to work with. It was a bit too fluffy to truly get a great detailed liner look going and I felt limited with how I could work with it. I feel like it would have been much better if the bristles were less full. It’s fine if you want to create a really thick eye liner look but if you want to be very detailed you would be better off working with a different brush.


Overall I enjoyed using these brushes and can’t wait to test the others out soon! Here is the simple eye look I created using the Crown HD Brushes that I discussed above.


To learn more about the Crown Brush HD Set please go to


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