Quickview: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless

If you’ve heard about Revlon’s new ColorBurst Matte Balm collection then chances are you might have been one of many trying to hunt down what some have been calling the elusive purple color Shameless. Some have posted comments about going to more than 9 different stores in their area (I saw one girl post that she had been to an astonishing 25 stores in vain) trying to find this lip balm. So of course, this peaked my interest to find out just what all the hype was all about.
I tried looking in several local drugstores, Ulta, and Target in vain…I just couldn’t find Shameless anywhere. In some stores the display was there but Shameless was M.I.A. So I eventually gave up on the hunt. Ironically, as soon as I stopped looking that’s exactly when I stumbled across my first sighting of this almost mythical purple lip balm! In all places…at Ulta! A place that I had checked several times!


I snatched it up before anyone else had a chance (and trust me…I got the evil eye in the checkout line when a fellow shopper realized that I had it and there weren’t any more available lol). So imagine my shock just one day later when I was at Target doing my regular shopping when I stumbled upon yet another sole Shameless sitting on the display!


At this point I’m noticing a theme…if you are lucky enough to find a Shameless on a display chances are it will be the only one! Or maybe that’s just what keeps happening to me lol. But let’s get to what you guys really want to read about. The dirt!

First off, these are described as matte balms that are supposed to be matte yet moisturizing like a lip balm. The come in a thick pencil form, but instead of having to sharpen them, you just twist the base to make the product rise up when you need more. This will be a plus for those that hate to lose product when sharpening. The product applies smoothly and easily to the lips and has an almost matte appearance. More like a semi-matte formula. It has a slight peppermint scent and taste but it’s not strong. The pigmentation is surprisingly good and I got decent wear time from this (3.5 hrs before I removed it but I may have got more). I’m not sure if it was really moisturizing but it wasn’t drying.

Overall it was a great product and definitely one I would recommend people give a try. I’m not sure if these are Limited Edition or permanent (I keep seeing conflicting information) but if I ever get clear info I’ll update this post. Below is a pic with a close up of me wearing Shameless. There is also a swatch of Shameless next to a swatch of MAC Heroine lip liner (I don’t have the lipstick) since so many have compared Shameless to Heroine. Shameless is on the left while Heroine is on the right.


If you’ve tried any of these Matte Balms please share your experience! Or if you have tips on where to find them in your area please post in the comments so you can help others out!


4 thoughts on “Quickview: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless

  1. budziak says:

    This shade looks great on you! I’ve been soooo tempted to get some of the matte balms but I already have so many lip products. I am planning on gifting some for Christmas though 🙂 I’m still obsessed with the regular balm pencil in Honey.

    • Thank you so much! I really don’t need any other lip products or I would go back and get some of the other colors lol. I can’t really justify testing them out for review purposes now that I’ve tested this one so that excuse is blown. I think these would be great for gifting! I haven’t tried the regular balm pencils but I just might have to…for review purposes of course lol.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Selena says:

    You look beautiful in “Shameless”. Thanks for the thorough review 🙂

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