Quickview: Zoya Nail Polishes


In the last year I have become somewhat obsessed with Zoya nail polish. This may not seem like a big deal to nail polish lovers out there, but for me it’s huge. As much as I like nail polish I normally loathe actually doing my own manicure…or going to get one done (although I am much more apt to keep up with my pedicures). This all changed when I started using Zoya and their Color Lock System.

For those not familiar with the brand Zoya offers a wide range of colors and finishes in their 5-free formulated polishes. As the first to remove toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) from its formulations, Zoya (and all of the Art of Beauty brands) offers healthy polish alternatives to consumers. Their polishes along with their Color Lock System create a great wearing nail polish experience.

Their Color Lock System comprises of a 5 step regime:

Step 1 – Remove+ (polish remover that also acts as a nail cleaner and prep

Step 2 – Anchor Basecoat

Step 3 – Nail polish

Step 4 – Armor Topcoat

Step 5 – Fast Drops Speed Dry Drops


I swear that every since I’ve been using the Color Lock System I have actually enjoyed doing my nails. It has helped extend the life of my manicures and pedicures (manis last up to 6 days!) and has made switching my polish colors a quick and easy process. I was originally introduced to it as a free gift with purchase…and quickly purchased full-sized bottles after my first use.

I find it difficult to decide what finish or colors I love best, but with so many to choose from I don’t have to choose. Here are a few of the polishes I have
worn so far!
















If you’ve used Zoya polishes before please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!

4 thoughts on “Quickview: Zoya Nail Polishes

  1. MissyTee says:

    I saw a youtube video where the polish remover was mentioned and I wanted to try it. It just so happened Zoya was having an amazing sale I believe it was 3 free nail polishes. This is the first time I’ve tried their nail polishes and I love them! the remover is awesome. I can see this becoming a favorite right away!

    • I absolutely LOVE their polish remover! I bought 3 bottles of it at my local Ulta (they usually have Zoya products Buy 2 Get 1 free, plus I was able to use a coupon to make it even cheaper). I also ordered during Zoya’s 3 Free bottles promotion. I got 3 of the colors from their Naturel Collection in Brigette, Odette, and Rue. They also sent a promo code for a free spring color with the purchase of 2 spring colors after I made that order so I will have 3 more Zoya colors added to my collection soon lol. It’s definitely a favorite brand of mine right now. I love that they are always having amazing deals. I’m sure you will love everything you ordered!

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