Quickview: Melt Cosmetics lipsticks


Melt Cosmetics

I’m a little late to the game on trying out this brand, but in all fairness it took a long time for a restock to occur. After stalking the site and constantly checking their Instagram updates I finally bit the bullet when they restocked several of their colors while introducing 2 new ones. All of their lipsticks are priced at $19 with $7.00 shipping fee. They do not offer a pro discount at this time. The order came with a small button style mirror (pictured above) and a lip sticker (also pictured above on the promo post card). 

I decided to pick up 6 colors:

Blow – a deep green

Bane – matte black

DGAF – dark blue

6six6 – a vampy, deep red

Space Cake – grey

Shady Lady – slightly hot pink magenta


I’ve only had time to do a quick test of these so the info I provide is a little limited. These lipsticks are all matte and apply smoothly with little effort. They are all extremely pigmented without being drying like many other mattes seem to be. Surprisingly, Shady Lady is the most staining of the colors. It immediately left a stain on my lips that remained into the next day…and this was after only having the color on my lips for 10 mins! The colors that I expected to see significant staining from didn’t do so at all. I was able to do a longer term wear test with 6six6, wearing it for approximately 4 hrs before removing. It wore well with no fading despite me drinking a few beverages during that time. My lips were not dry when I removed it nor were they hydrated by the lipstick. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with it and imagine that the others colors will wear similarly.


Top:Space Cake & Blow
Middle: DGAF & Bane
Bottom: Shady Lady & 6six6


Swatches (No Flash) – 6six6, Blow, DGAF, Bane, Space Cake, & Shady Lady


Swatches (with Flash) – 6six6, Blow, DGAF, Bane, Space Cake, & Shady Lady

I would like to note that 6six6 was not as dark as I expected it to be based on the promo shots on the website. After contacting the company to ask if anything was used to darken the shade I was told that MAC’s Nightmoth liner was used to deepen it. This is worth noting for anyone that has tried it and felt like it wasn’t the same. It’s a lovely color regardless, but knowing this may help others out. I was also told that Indigo eye liner by MAC was used for some of the Blow promo pics. Although I didn’t ask about DGAF I did notice that a darker liner was used on some of those pics to deepen the color. If you want specific details about a color you’re interested in feel free to contact Melt by email. They seem very open to answering any of your questions in a timely manner!


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