Quickview: Melt Cosmetics Summer, Bang Bang, and Belladonna 2

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Three more Melt Cosmetics lipsticks have joined my already overflowing kit collection recently: Summer, Bang! Bang!, and Belladonna 2. As you can see, I had to rip open the package in the car….because I’m like a kid and I ALWAYS love to open my packages in the car lol. 

Two of the colors have more of a Spring/Summer feel to them, but as always you can wear them whenever you want because it’s makeup and rules don’t really apply! Summer, a kind of creamsicle color was a bit of a disappointment for me…not because of the color, but because of the extremely dry texture. Out of 9 Melt lipsticks in my collection, it is the driest. I’m sure I can tweak it with a bit of lip balm, but it was surprising considering how my expectations had been met with every other lipstick from their brand (even though some were a bit less matte than others, they are all labeled as “mattes”). It reminds me of one of the colors from MAC’s 2013 “All About Orange” release (perhaps Sushi Kiss), but I haven’t swatched it next to each other to be sure.

Bang! Bang! is a fun bright orange lipstick (think traffic cone). It applies easily. I don’t have an exact match in my collection, but OCC’s Beta might be close (don’t quote me on that! lol). As bright as it may be it’s also very easy to wear.

Belladonna 2 is a pinky-red. If you’re a lover of red’s chances are you have something similar color wise. I was mainly interested in this for the matte texture. It applies easily and is a bit more pink than I originally thought. It stains immediately and the stain lasts for HOURS! I attempted to remove the stain with cleansing oil and makeup wipes, exfoliated my lips AND saturated them with Jack Black lip balm overnight…and I still woke up with very pink lips that lasted well into the next day! And this was after only wearing the color on my lips for about 20 mins! It’s a pretty color, but not my HG red (I prefer more sultry blue-based reds on myself).

Melt Cosmetics lipsticks in Summer, Bang! Bang!, and Belladonna 2

Melt Cosmetics lipsticks in Summer, Bang! Bang!, and Belladonna 2

The scent with these lipsticks is still a bit inconsistent. They have a somewhat faint cupcake smell mixed with a plastic/crayon scent…much like the other 6 I received (some smelling more like cupcakes than others) except for Summer. Summer has a very strong cupcake and buttercream icing smell that is divine. I’m not sure why the scents are inconsistent, but it seems to be the norm based on the chatter on the internet. Some have reported a burnt smell for a particular color, but I haven’t received anything like that (the color that keeps being mentioned  is a color I do not own and seems to be the same one people are having trouble with).

Overall, I really like what this brand is doing and look forward to seeing what else they come up with in the future.

2 thoughts on “Quickview: Melt Cosmetics Summer, Bang Bang, and Belladonna 2

  1. oh my goodness, I need these!! totally want bang bang. Also want to get DGAF and Blow just because they are such unique colors.

    • You should definitely snap them up! I think another restock should be coming up (sign up for their newsletter if you haven’t already and follow them on Instagram…you’ll get the info on restocks there when they announce it).

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