Product Review: Optic White™ Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen

The following product was received complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.

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Influenster Colgate Optic White VoxBox

Influenster Colgate Optic White VoxBox

I’m always excited to try out new products (even if they aren’t makeup related) so I was more than up for the task of testing out the Colgate Optic White™ Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen. Other than using a toothpaste with whitening power I don’t actively use whitening products for my teeth so I could only compare the experience to that of the Crest 3D Whitening Strips I tested and reviewed November 2012. (Click here to read that review

A little info from Colgate’s website:

Brush. Whiten. Go.™

INTRODUCING a convenient and affordable way to get whiter teeth in just two days.* The New Optic White™ Toothbrush + Whitening Pen.


Brush as you normally would with your regular toothpaste. The Colgate®Optic White® toothbrush is specially designed with polishing bristles and stain removers to help remove surface stains.


Turn the dial at the bottom of the whitening pen and apply gel. It takes only seconds to apply and adhere to your teeth. No waiting, no rinsing.


Store pen inside brush.

The directions are pretty simple to follow and don’t require any waiting for the whitening step to occur (unlike whitening strips). The toothbrush is a manual brush so you should replace it every 3 months as you would any other regular toothbrush. I’m not sure if you can purchase the kit in different bristles (ie. Soft, Med, etc) but the one I received was a Med bristled toothbrush with a full-sized head. After brushing my teeth I set out to test the part of the product that I’m sure would be the main interest of most buyers…the whitening gel.

The whitening gel pen is attached to the bottom of the toothbrush. Once you pull it out you just turn the click dial twice to get the gel to come out. Then you apply the gel directly from the pen (it has a rubber tip) on your top teeth, repeating the process on the bottom teeth. Once you’re done just take a tissue to wipe the excess gel off of the pen and then put the pen back in the bottom of the toothbrush. The gel has a slight minty taste to it, but it’s not unpleasant. I did not experience any tooth sensitivity from the gel. Overall, I don’t feel like I received any overwhelming whitening benefits from using this product compared to using whitening strips so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone expecting radical whitening. I would say this is better suited for maintaining your tooth whiteness. You might notice better results if you use the full range of Optic White products versus just using the toothbrush and whitening pen.

Ultimately, I think this is a great product for those that don’t have the time to deal with whitening strips or just prefer the no-hassle approach but for anything more you might want to consider something else.

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