Quick Look: MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection


As most MAC fans already know the Alluring Aquatics collection official released in stores on 5/22/2014. I received some of the collection earlier this week but haven’t had a lot of time to really test them out. But I did want to share my quick lip swatches of the lipsticks.




Lipsticks in order of swatches: Siren Song, Pet Me Please, Enchanted One, Mystical, and Goddess of the Sea.

I’ve been able to test out Mystical, Goddess of the Sea, and Siren Song. I got decent wear time out of Goddess of the Sea…4.5 hours without touching up. Mystical came in at about 4 hrs with slight fading. Siren Song required touching up after about 2 hrs, but to be fair I applied it very lightly to make it more flattering on my skin tone. None of these were drying or hydrating so my lips didn’t feel ravaged after wearing them.

I also received What Comes Naturally lip pencil (I have not used it yet but it does appear much lighter than any of the nude lipsticks I normally wear) and Aphrodite’s Shell bronzer. I have worn it a few times as a cheek color. It doesn’t apply the amount of color that a blush would but it puts a nice natural glow on my cheeks when I want to go for a bare minimum look. Swatches don’t show well at all so I gave up on trying to do them lol.

Overall, I am in LOVE with the packaging on this collection. I wouldn’t say that these colors are necessarily must haves, but they are solid products that will be easy to work in to your routine.

If you picked up anything from this collection feel free to share your thoughts!

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