Product Quickview: OCC Dune Generation Stained Gloss collection


OCC has released their Summer Collection which includes the Dune Generation Stained Gloss lip tars.

OCC offers 6 Stained Gloss colors to their arsenal with this collection, 3 of which are “cream” and 3 shimmers:

Off World – a pearlescent lilac shimmer
Hedonist – a neon pastel pink
Dune – a champagne gold shimmer
Nomad – a golden maroon
Concubine – a warm neutral plum
Aurora – a pink toned coral

It’s worth noting that Dune is limited edition, while the other 5 colors will remain permanent. For fans of the original Stained Gloss formula (high gloss with translucent color pay off) you will notice a difference in these. Overall, these colors offer more opaque coverage (less than the traditional lip tar though) and less of the high gloss “stained glass” look.

Top: Concubine and Aurora
Middle: Hedonist and Off World
Bottom: Dune and Nomad

I personally like this version of Stained Glosses as they offer a little more pigmentation while still being gloss-like. The original Stained Glosses were better suited for layering in my opinion unless you piled on a lot to get more color (a few colors were more pigmented than others so this is just a general statement). Dune would also fit in this category if you wanted to add a little gold shimmer to a more pigmented lip tar.

Overall, I think this is another great offering from OCC…but I might be a little biased since I love OCC and their lip tar offerings lol



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