Influenster: Go Vox Box Review


The Influenster Go Vox Box is a box featuring products from Profoot, Blue Diamond Almonds, Muller Greek Yogurt, Aqua Spa, and The Vitamin Shoppe. I received these products complimentary for testing purposes.

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds

I received a 4oz bag of blueberry flavored almonds from Blue Diamond and became immediately addicted to the brand. The fruit flavored line is loaded with antioxidant Vitamin E and are a great healthy snack choice. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about blueberry flavored almonds but one taste was all it took. I loved how subtly sweet they were while also being low in calories and very filling. Although my favorite flavor isn’t in the fruit line (I love the Butter Toffee flavor) I would definitely go for the fruit flavors as an alternative.

Muller Greek Corner Yogurt

I picked up a Muller Corner yogurt in Strawberry with the free coupon included in my box. I was a little disappointed in it. It wasn’t terrible but it’s not one I would pick over my favorite Oikos Greek Yogurt flavors. I must note that the store I went to didn’t have much to choose from in Muller products so I was limited in flavor choice. I would definitely recommend this to someone trying to find a yogurt that they might like because it really isn’t bad. It just wasn’t good enough to convince me to switch.

Profoot Triad Orthotic and Pedi-Rock


I tested out the Profoot Pedi-Rock the day that I received my box. I was planning on doing a pedicure so it was perfect timing. It works exactly as it says (either wet or dry). The softness of it is interesting but easy to work with. It is pretty big though so storage may be a bit more difficult than it would be with a traditional foot file.

The Profoot Triad Orthotic inserts worked very well in my everyday sneakers. I tested them out on a few marathon errand days that required lots of walking….and by the end of the day my feet still felt great.

The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N’ Full shakes


I received 3 flavors of the Fit N’ Full Shakes along with a shaker bottle to test out. I also received a $5 off coupon for a future purchase. I loved the Swiss Chocolate flavor (and immediately used the coupon to buy a box of it). It not only tasted great but it mixed well with ease. I couldn’t say the same for the French Vanilla or Fresh Berries flavors. Taste is obviously a personal preference thing but my issue was with how poorly these two flavors mixed. I ended up with unmixed clumps which made the flavors taste watery. I did a little research to make sure this wasn’t an error on my part but it seems others have had the same issue. I will also mention that these shakes did a great job at being filling and substituting for a meal. I would definitely recommend giving these shakes a try.

Aqua Spa Relax Bath Soak
I tested this out the same day I tested the Profoot Pedi-Rock. I used it as a foot soak. Although that’s not how it’s listed it definitely worked well. The lavender scent was amazing and the essential oils left my feet feeling soft and moisturized.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
I did not get a chance to test these tampons out but I have used other products in their line up and expect these to be on par with their brand.


2 thoughts on “Influenster: Go Vox Box Review

  1. Ohh the almonds look yummy! I like the idea of blueberry flavoured x

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