Product Quickview: Ellis Faas Milky Lips L202


Ellis Faas is a brand that I’ve been interested in trying for awhile so I took the opportunity while at The Makeup Show Orlando this past weekend to give them a whirl. My first product from them: Milky Lips L202.

For those new to the brand, Milky Lips is a long-wear liquid lipstick. It has a glossy finish and is highly pigmented. It is housed in a silver pen-style click brush applicator. The formula feels extremely comfortable on the lips.

L202 is a Dark Blood color. Literally…it is a dark blood red color. It can be applied in a thin layer to appear more stain-like or a full application that will give you semi-opaque glossy coverage. I would describe it as a gloss/lipstick hybrid.


Wear time was decent (4.5 hours) but this will be significantly affected if you’re eating or drinking. It’s non-drying but I wouldn’t call it hydrating. It did not leave a stain on my lips like I was expecting (the rep stated that it would), but this was a positive for me.

My only complaint is with the brush applicator. It takes FOREVER to get product at first use. I’m talking 50 clicks. It was a little frustrating because I wanted to be careful not to over prime the applicator (old memories of the Stila applicators that are similar), but being patient with the click process helped keep any product from being wasted. The brush bristles are a little more stuff than I expected, but this helps with better control.

Overall I really like this product. I don’t know if I would call it a new fave but I definitely think it’s something worth having in your personal kit. If you’re a makeup artist you would definitely want to use more sanitary practices to apply this to your clients but that’s not a problem at all.


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