Product Quickview: Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes in Platinum and Spice


If you think you have tried the best cream eye shadow, but you’ve never tried Tom Ford then you are sadly mistaken! Somehow, Tom Ford has managed to create perhaps the most buttery, fluffy, mousse-like formula that is nothing like traditional cream shadows on the market. It applies like the smoothest butter (although a quite expensive butter!) and blends out like a dream. And the wear time is just am impressive. I have been able to to get about 12 hours of wear time easily with absolutely no clumping, creasing, fading, or any other unpleasant movement…all without the use of a primer!

Platinum is described as a “warm smoky taupe with a frosted shimmer sheen finish”. It’s an interesting color that at times looks somewhat bronzy while other times it looks like a mauve or purple tinted taupe.

Spice is described as a “warm golden bronze with red undertones”. On me I notice that the golden color stands out a bit more and makes it less bronzy.


As I mentioned above, the texture of this stuff is amazing. The wear time, phenomenal. The price however…not so much. At $42 for .21 oz/6 g of product the price is something that will cause most people to strike it from their wish list. Normally, I would whole heartily agree! I’d normally point out other decent cream eye shadows on the market that have great formulas for less money such as MAC Paint Pots…and if you have been lucky with Maybelline Color Tattoos an even lower price. BUT I continue to shock myself by saying this….this is one product that I think you might want to splurge on if you find the perfect color for you. It only takes a tiny bit (be careful! First time using this I used too much! Thank goodness it was easy to correct and blend out!). These were available at Nordstrom and on their website (you will have to check to see if this is still true). I should point out that these are limited edition, but they are repromotes. Check any retailer that normally sells Tom Ford cosmetics to see if they possibly have it in stock even if they don’t show online.

Overall I would definitely recommend this even if for a one time guilty pleasure splurge. These colors would work with virtually any skin tone.


If you tried this before tell me what you think! If you haven’t tell me how much you think the price is enough to turn you away or if you sometimes are willing to splurge for an expensive product with exceptional quality! Also, if you haven’t already follow us on Twitter (ButterflyEyesMU), like us on Facebook (butterflyeyesmakeup), and also on Pinterest (butterflyeyesmu).

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