Product Quickview: Melt Cosmetics NoOd Collection


Melt Cosmetics NoOd Collection lipsticks: Sext, NoOd, Laced, and Catsuit

If you are a fan of Melt Cosmetics lipsticks then you probably already know about their first foray into the nude lipstick category with the introduction of their NoOd Collection. The collection consists of four ultra matte lipsticks:

  • Sext – Pale peach nude
  • NoOd – Medium nude with peach-beige undertones
  • Laced – Greige (grey-beige) nude
  • Catsuit – Rich chocolate brown with a hint of wine

Initially (and up until one of their recent 30% off sales) the whole set could be purchased for $64 on Melt’s website or $19 each. As of right now the set isn’t shown on the website so I’m not sure if it will be coming back but the individual colors are shown. Currently NoOd and Laced are showing as sold out but there is an option to be notified when it comes back is available so there’s hope that you may still be able to get your hands on those colors.

Melt’s lipsticks are advertised as “ultra matte” which has been true for every color I have used. They aren’t drying on me, but if you tend to have dry lips it is definitely important that you properly prep your lips before use.They are extremely pigmented and apply smoothly although NoOd and Sext apply a bit stiffer on me and tugs a little when applying. I tend to get long wear time out of these (5-6 hours with light eating/drinking). While they aren’t drying they aren’t hydrating either so it’s something to keep in mind.



The only negative I can think of for these lipsticks is the continued inconsistency with their fragrance. They are somewhere between a sweet cake scent and a slightly annoying crayon or play-doh odor. Some of their lipsticks smell more like the latter than others, but the smell doesn’t seem to last long after you apply. This is something worth pointing out if you are sensitive to odors, but as mentioned it doesn’t last long so it’s something I can overlook.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying these out if you’re looking for great nude lipsticks that would look great day or night.

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