The Convenience Of Online Shopping

For people that LOVE to try out different brands or covet some of the products that they read about but live in cities or towns that don’t offer as many shopping options a great alternative is the wonderful world of online shopping. It’s even better when you find an online retailer that offers a wide array of brands and products that span over beauty and fashion. Continue reading

Using Photos From My Blog For Ebay Purposes

It has been brought to my attention that someone is using a photo of mine to try and sell their Urban Decay Vault on Ebay. The assumption was that the listing belonged to me since the photo is of the one I used on my blog twice with my watermark on it. This bothered me for a couple of reasons.

  1. The seller didn’t ask permission. 
  2. The use of my photo with my watermark gives the impression that I am the one selling this item, which I am not
  3. It could possibly affect my standing with Urban Decay. Although I don’t do sponsored or paid reviews for Urban Decay I am a member of UD Pro, which forbids re-selling of items purchased using the Pro Discount. The Vault was not a Pro Discount purchase, but the idea that someone would use a watermarked photo of an item that COULD have been purchased with the discount and falsely implies I am the seller is something that could adversely affect me. 

Ebay’s rules clearly state that sellers are not to use other people’s photos without permission. In the past I have not been consistent with using watermarks on my photos (a mistake I will no longer be making), but one would assume that common sense would discourage others from virtually stealing watermarked photos to pass off as their own. It is unfair to the owner of the photo and unfair to the buyers. It is falsely representing the product being sold as being in the same condition as it is pictured (which may or may not be the case) AND falsely gives buyers with a connection to the owner the impression that the owner is the seller. 

I thank everyone that emailed me to verify if this was my listing. It was not. Honestly, in this day and age if you are accessing Ebay you most likely have access to a camera. If you can’t take a picture of your own items for sale ask the owners for permission. The photo itself is not that big of a deal…if you ask and I have no problem with it I will gladly send you an un-watermarked copy of the photo for you to use. 

Sorry for the rant lol! 

Product Review: China Glaze I Herd That Nail Lacquer


China Glaze nail lacquer in I Herd That

Over the weekend I made an impulse nail polish purchase. I tend to stay away from most glitter polishes, but this China Glaze bottle caught my attention. Continue reading

My Top 10 Products from 2012

I have tried a ton of products since starting this blog in June 2012, many of which I have blogged about but I thought I’d make a list of my top 10 products from 2012 and why I loved them! These are not listed in any particular order. It also should be noted that in some cases, these weren’t new products just released in 2012….they are products that were new to me! As I started compiling this list I realized that picking just 10 great products is a lot harder than it seems, so hopefully I won’t feel like I left any out!

Clarisonic Acne Clarifying System

Clarisonic Acne Clarifying System

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