365 Days of Eye Shadow Challenge

As you may have already noticed, I have an obsession with eye shadows so it is no surprise that my kit is dominated by various eye shadow palettes and individual pots. So I decided to try a 365 Days of Eye Shadows Challenge. I had been thinking about doing this for awhile, but put it on hold when I realized that another blog was already doing it (Painted-ladies.com). I contacted Sheila and let  her know as a courtesy that I had been planning on doing it (maybe it’s the Southern girl in me lol) and I think she appreciated me reaching out since she thanked me for letting her know and wished me well.

The Challenge is quite simple. My goal is to wear and post an eye shadow look for 365 days! The Challenge is actually being able to keep up with it…and if I’m lucky, encourage others to join in by submitting their daily looks to be shared on here. But even if no one else joins in this will be a great challenge for myself to actually force me to use the vast amount of eye products that I own on a more regular basis…and make me be a little more creative. When you’re putting the spot light on yourself you tend to realize that you have to keep things fresh (meaning I can’t grab my go-to Naked palettes to make things easy every day lol).

If you’re interested in joining the challenge, let me know by posting below in the comments! In the meantime, follow the 365 Days of Eye Shadow Challenge board on Pinterest at pinterest.com/butterflyeyesmu !