Review Policy and Product Submission Opportunities

Product Submission

I am always looking to test and try out the latest beauty products. Any product sent is for consideration only, which means I do not guarantee your product will be reviewed. The lead time is currently 1 to 2 weeks. For seasonal color collections, my lead time is usually maximum 1 week. Please contact me via email to let me know about a product for consideration. You can reach me at:

Review Policy

The majority of the products reviewed in this blog are purchased by me. In cases where products are provided by a Brand, it’s PR firm, or other means I will clearly disclose this in the beginning of the review. Products are accepted for consideration only, which means I cannot guarantee a review. I do not do paid positive reviews, and I make no promises for a positive review. I do not, however, believe in merely bashing a product, either. I evaluate products fairly based on my personal experience with the product and an evaluation of the products claims.

One thought on “Review Policy and Product Submission Opportunities

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