Skin Care Series: Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Skin Wash

This is a quick review about the Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash. I have been using this particular face wash for about 8 months now so I feel like I can give a pretty accurate review about it. If you are an acne sufferer or just someone that feels like their skin is less perfect than they would like it to be, then this may be a great wash for you to consider. I would warn that if you have dry skin this would NOT be the product for you…or you may need to work more on your hydration needs (a better moisturizer for example or alternating this with a more gentle face wash that you could use on your morning skin care routine).

This product is part of the Medibac skin care program, which is targeted to those with Acne/breakout prone.05% concerns. It is a clear gel wash that contains 0.5% Salicylic Acid. If you are new to using any face wash with Salicylic Acid or the one you use has a lower amount then you may need to start of using this only once per day to get your skin used to it. Also, if you use any topical treatments you will also need to gradually introduce this to your program as the combination would likely dry your skin out initially. I personally am an Acne sufferer and use a rx topical treatment along with this face wash and did initially experience drier skin (something I always experience when using any gel cleanser) mainly because I started using it during the drier winter months. Changing my mositurizer to my dry skin go-to helped combat this.

My personal experience with this face wash has been amazing! It is especially helpful to me during the spring and summer months where the heat and humidity really increase my oiliness. I have used this when I was not on rx medication for several months and it continued to work well (I added another Medibac product to the routine to combat my acne during that time, which was the Special Clearing Booster. That is a Benzoyl Peroxide concentrate that is stronger than most over the counter options. Another option for someone that doesn’t need BP is the Overnight Clearing Gel which is more gentle and is included in the kit or can be purchased alone). Although my skin issues require extra attention (hence my use of a rx medication) I can say that this product works better than most for anyone with breakout prone skin. My mother uses it for her breakout prone non-acne skin and it has dramatically decreased her issues to only one or two small pimples a month.

It can be purchased alone or as part of the Medibac skin care kit, which contains small bottles of products meant to give you a 30 or 60 day regimen. The negative to this product…and the Dermalogica brand as a whole is the price. I have found that you can often find Dermalogica products on sale at for far cheaper than the retail prices at places such as Ulta. Dermalogica is almost always excluded from any coupons or discounts Ulta offers.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product (and a few others from this brand that I may do reviews on later) for anyone that isn’t satisfied with their current skin care cleanser and has breakout prone skin, acne, and/or oily skin. If you are near an Ulta or other retailer that sells Dermalogica I would suggest stopping by and having a free Face Mapping analysis done by a Dermalogica skin therapist (anywhere that legitimately sales their products will have at least one specially trained representative on site) to find the right products for you. As a side-note, I also highly recommend the Murad brand of products which is what I used prior to switching to Dermalogica and which I still use when my skin needs a more moisturizing acne-focused face wash or when I transition to my day skincare routine that differs from my night one. My teenage son currently uses their gel face wash and it works great for him!

If you have any questions or feel like I left out some info that may be helpful let me know by posting a comment! Also, if you currently use this brand or have in the past feel free to share your experience (good or bad!)