The Pros and Cons of the Urban Decay UD Pro Discount Program

Now that I have had time to test out the UD Pro discount and how it works and I can speak on a few pros and cons associated with it.


40% discount – Obviously, a discount for MUA’s and other professionals is always a “pro”, but unlike some other programs the Urban Decay offers a flat 40% discount regardless of what you qualify as.

No Membership Fee – UD offers their program to those that qualify with no strings attached. You don’t pay to be in the club…you just need to prove that you qualify to be in it!

No Codes To Remember – In a world where everything has a special code or password to it, UD doesn’t complicate the process for getting your discount. Just log in to the UD Pro page and start adding things to your cart. When you get ready to checkout you will see your discount applied automatically.

Auto-reminders – You don’t have to worry about remembering when it’s time for you to renew your membership. UD will remind you so you don’t have to worry about your membership lapsing!

Discount Works on Most Items – Although there are some items that your discount can’t go towards it is safe to say that most products (including new releases) are eligible. From personal experience, it also works on many sale and/clearance items and even on some sets. Don’t be surprised if some of those coveted sets are excluded. An example would be the Naked 2 Palette.



$250 limit per Quarter – You are limited to only $250 per quarter on what you can save on. It appears that this limit is based on the full retail price and not on the amount you spend after discount. For a MUA or other professional that uses products often and may need to replenish more often than the normal person you will see this limit is easy to hit. Luckily, you don’t have to keep up with the tab…when you log in to your account you will see how much you have left on your limit and when it resets. Unfortunately, I think this is probably the biggest negative to the program. It is likely the pay-off we get for not having to pay a membership fee, but it could be well worth it for high users to opt for a limit free discount program that requires an annual fee to use. I would like to see see UD consider this (perhaps as an option in addition to the fee-free membership for those that need it).

Can Only Be Used On-line – If you find yourself in immediate need of a product you will have to pay full retail for it unless you can wait for it to shipped to you. There are no membership cards that can be shown in a retail location for discount use. This is probably a no-brainer since UD in the USA is sold in retailers such as Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s which do not usually honor Pro Discounts at their counters.

Lackluster UD Pro Site – Although this is not a huge deal it would be nice if logging in to the Pro site meant you would get access to special, Pro only information and tips….and more importantly, access to products that are exclusive to Pros. Unfortunately, this is not the case right now. You are shopping from virtually the same inventory as all other customers and you don’t get your hands on any special treats that are not available to the general public. I would love to see this happen in the future. For example, Pro sizes in more of the staple products (such as all of the Primer Potions instead of just the original, which is not exclusive to anyone) and exclusive products such as pigments or Pro tools.


Overall, I love the UD Pro Discount Program. As I stated before, any discount available to those of us in the industry is always a plus and is extremely helpful in making it more affordable for us to do what we do with the products we love to work with. I hope to see it improve in the future, but for now it’s pretty great for a program that is free to join and has such a generous discount.

Urban Decay Vintage Eye Shadow Sale + UD PRO discount = A Very Happy Girl!

Good morning everyone! I woke up early and decided to check the UD website…with the original intent to ONLY browse. Instead, I ended up ordering 10 Vintage eye shadows that were on sale for $9.00 (reg. $18). PLUS I got to use my 40% off UD Pro discount…so yes, I am a very happy makeup obsessed girl lol. If you’re in the need (or just want) some UD products you should head over to the website and check out the sale items. Although I only indulged in the shadows (and replenished my 24/7 eyeliners) there are other sale items including lipsticks, some palettes, etc. Even if you don’t have the Pro discount you will still see significant savings on those items. Plus, if you have been wanting some of the current shadow colors that were released in the new formulation (read my review!) you can save 50% and buy some of the same colors in the vintage shadows. The formula for the vintage shadows is still pretty amazing…and as some may have noticed or pointed out, the difference isn’t enough to make you replace old colors you already have. There are also several colors in the vintage collection that are not in the new formulation (which leads me to believe that they may be considered discontinued).

Happy shopping, ladies!

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Urban Decay’s UD Pro program now available!

If you’re a makeup artist and have been waiting patiently for Urban Decay to offer a discount program then today is your lucky day! The email was sent out today providing the info on how to qualify. Check out the following link for info and access to the application form! If you qualify, you will be able to purchase most UD products at 40% off! Membership is free and lasts for 2 years! It is only available in the US for now, but keep checking back for updates! Also, if you’re a blogger but don’t meet the requirements for the UD Pro program you are advised to contact the PR dept at If you meet their requirements they may provide you with products for review purposes (if I find out any more detailed info about that I will let you all know!).

Have a beautiful day!