Product Review: Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

***I was not compensated for this review in any way. This is an unbiased opinion based on personal experience.***

After having several people comment on how my lashes looked (and a couple actually ask if they were real) I thought I should do a review on my go-to mascara: Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara.

I purchased this product on a whim, despite being a bit concerned about the price tag ($22 0.3 oz. full-sized tube, $10 min-tube), but was pleasantly surprised by the results. I will state that this nor any other mascara alone will provide life changing results, but this mascara does provide enough oomph to place it above the average competitor.

In this medium, pictures speak louder than words to I will let the photos do the talking.

Up first, a photo of my lashes with no mascara applied (eye shadow is applied but is not relevant to this product review).

iPhone 4 010a

Now, a photo using a different mascara.

iPhone 4 023a

And finally, lashes using Benefit They’re Real!

iPhone 4s 031

iPhone 4s 032

iPhone 4s 027

Overall, I love the effect of this mascara versus the others I have used thus far. The brush design helps you reach the smallest of lashes (specifically those in the inner and outer corners). The biggest con would likely be the over abundance that tends to collect at the end of the brush. You have to try and remove the excess before using or you are much more likely to end up with clumps. Also, the instructions telling you how to effectively build up coverage takes a little practice to get right but don’t let this detour you. This mascara won’t make false lash lovers want to give up their falsies, but it will add a little more pizazz to your natural lashes…and maybe help rev up your false lash look.

If $22 causes you to hesitate the mini option may be the best route for you to go. It will allow you to try this product out without as much of a financial investment (although $10 is not necessarily a bargain considering other cheaper mascara options available). Although I am not opposed to a makeup swap when you find yourself with a product that just doesn’t work for you I would not recommend swapping used mascara with anyone unless you know for sure that the wand was never used in it and any wand used was never double dipped in to the tube.

What are your thoughts on the best mascara on the market? Feel free to share your thoughts or opinions!